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Odoo ERP implementation with a fully integrated website for global users


Upffront has a strong online presence and business model.  They approached Target Integration as they needed to fully integrate their e-commerce website with downloadable product information, order and stock management processes, and to streamline workflows with their delivery partners.  In addition, they were looking for an accounting package that would support a multi-company structure.


Consulting, Implementation




Upffront looking for one fully integrated website, stock management, order management, datasheets for the products available to download and accounting for multiple companies. Following consultation with Upffront, Target Integration recommended the Odoo ERP implementation to address their challenges.

Real Time Information in a Single System

Upffront is committed to creating a competitive, informative and innovative platform for the sale of goods, services and support within the sailing and boating sector. To achieve their vision of growth as a global business operating in both B2B and B2C channels, they needed an interactive and user-friendly environment for their staff, suppliers, partners and customers to access goods and product information in real-time.

Ecommerce Website with Pre and Post Product Development and Sales

One critical component of the Upffront e-commerce site is the need to provide comprehensive, extensive and easily accessible technical product information before, during and post-sale.

Requirement of a Flexible Model

Upffront had a goal to transform the sector from a traditional model, served by a set of defined distributors, to a more flexible one, with access to information and products that no longer depended on the location of the purchaser, and to supply an extensive product range of parts and equipment via their website.


Upffront has now moved to the next phase of the development and requires a sophisticated and integrated system to support the delivery of information, support and product sales across all the regional areas. Following discussions with Target Integration, they chose they proceeded with the recommended Odoo ERP implementation.

Fully Integrated e-commerce Website

Upffront’s main priority was the creation of a ‘one-stop’ website that would become the go-to online resource to find information, buy products and access support for the boating and yachting community across the world. Therefore, Target Integration focused on establishing an operational system to deliver multi-lingual websites that would be accessible to both B2B and B2C communities. 

Accounting App Implementation

The Odoo accounting app provides a comprehensive range of features for accounting processes and financial management, helping deliver accuracy and detailed customisable reporting for a growth focussed business.

Flexible Company Model

Target Integration has helped Upffront in successfully creating a flexible company model. The integration of a number of apps within the system has allowed employees, management teams and executives to access real-time company information.


Improvements to sales processes and warehouse management will help Upffront maintain key product data and information to support efficient delivery, from enhanced access to product catalogues and technical documentation to trade pricing.

Target Integration provides ongoing support to Upffront, including health and safety management, incident reporting, a quality management system (to support the business inline with ISO9001) and a machine maintenance schedule system.

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