CiviCRM 3.0 Released

New CiviCRM Version ReleasedCiviCRM team has announced the release of latest version (version 3.0) of their highly extensive membership management application. The new version boasts of a number of improvements and new features from the last stable version 2.2 Other than its standard features the latest version has features such as:

  • Improved Interface – The new interface of CiviCRM has a drop down toolbar at the top hence instead of having left hand side toolbar and then selecting link from a webpage, you can now get to a relevant page directly using the drop down menu bar. Also, a search box has been provided beside the toolbar. The search box searches in to the contacts and quickly displays relevant contacts. It is much quicker than the old search interface.
  • Reporting – Version 2.2 of CiviCRM saw the introduction of a new component called CiviReport which provided a reporting interface for CiviCRM. Version 3.0 has introduced detailed reports about members, memberships, relationships, event management reports such as event income report, event participant reports etc. In total there are 20 reports and an interface to create reports using a template system.
  • Improved Contact Screens – The new version also has improved contact summary and edit screens which are simpler and easier to understand compared to the older version and the tabs at the top of the summary screen provide number of related information in that tab. If privacy setting such as “Do Not Phone” is set the phone numbers are highlighted in Red making it easier for the end user to understand quickly weather that person is to be contacted by phone or not.
  • New Contact Screen from Memberships – A membership menu allows recording new memberships quickly. A user can search and select

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