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CiviSync – The CMS Component (as well)

I just wanted to give you all some update on how we are getting on with the development of CiviSync. The application interface is ready. There will be three buttons on Outlook Toolbar to Sync Contacts, Sync Email and Settings. I hope they are self explanatory. We have also worked on a number of setting options to make it as extensive as possible and at the same time user friendly as well.

When we started working on the synchronisation, we realised that CiviSync can not work out of the box because of two main reasons:

  1. A Site Key is not generated in an installation by default which is required for logging in to CiviCRM using REST API.
  2. The user logging in should already have an API Key in the database

The site key can not be created from the user interface and hence the user can not use CiviSync until the admin/someone goes in the civicrm.settings.php and creates a site key.

The API Key is more awkward where the user will have to go to the database and create a new API key for the other users who are allowed to use the REST API and hence CiviSync.

So after a lot of discussion internally in Target Integration; we decided that we will create a new component for Joomla and module for CiviCRM which will overcome the issues and make it easier for super administrators to create a new site key and create and remove API Keys for the users.

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