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Cloud Based Google Spreadsheets Replace Excel Sheets

Google Spreadsheets are a wonderful tool for real-time teamwork. With Google sheets, working on a single report from multiple locations becomes very easy. Google sheets rule out the need of repeated e-mail exchanges for any and every editing made in a document. Simply by uploading it onto the Google drive in a Spreadsheet format, one can make it accessible for reviewing or editing to multiple users. This enable the easy mending of the data at hand. This method is much more reliable, convenient, quicker and also flexible. As the entire editing and managing happens on cloud, the data is also a lot safer. Google sheets have several features to make this task even more user-friendly. For example: · “Protected Ranges” feature, you can ensure that certain range(s) are available to only a certain team members for editing. This ensures greater security. · The “See Revision History” is another very helpful trait of Google Sheets. While working and editing on the sheets all the revised version of the document get auto saved. Thus, if at a later stage, it is found that some faulty data has been input or some incorrect changes have been made, these can easily be done away with, by simply clicking on File>See revision history and selecting the correct version of the document. · Beside, while editing the document, it is also easy to discuss with your team-mates by CHATTING with them. · Insertion of comments at specific cells is also possible with Google sheets · You can use almost all the function of MS Excel in Google Sheets aiding you in quicker calculations. Plus every time you try to use an inbuilt function, not only does the list of formulas to choose from appears, but also you can see how to use a particular formula for greater clarity. · You can name ranges for easier access to repeatedly visited ranges. · No limits on columns or rows that can be copied. All these features enhance productivity and speed up the processing of a document, with an instant update to all the team-members. This also works well within a corporate with hierarchical structure. For example, you can upload your completed spreadsheet on your Google drive and share it with your boss, who, after reviewing it, can share it with his boss who can further review and share it with his boss. This makes the life cycle of transition of rough draft to final draft very short.

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