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CRM and its problems — as per a Transition Year Student

We had Calvin last week doing a one week internship in the company. After his whole week of hard work we asked him to write just a small essay and this is what Calvin thinks of a CRM.

CRM is Customer Relationship Management software. It is used for managing Companies interactions with customers and future customers. It can track Customers history like there previous calls email, meetings held, presentation etc. With this, all information is safe as it is saved in a database where-as without CRM, information could be written down on paper which could be lost.

CRM should be used in businesses that have a sales team, businesses that use any type of marketing, businesses that create quotes and invoices or businesses that are just looking to improve their organisation.

CRM usually gains loyal customers. This helps businesses grow because loyal customers are more than likely going to recommend the business and its services to others like friends and family. With these loyal customers the business won’t have to spend as much time looking for more customers and will have more time to focus on projects.

As well as that, all customers’ information is accessible from where ever it is needed as it is easily accessible from a mobile.

CRM has some pros and cons. They are:


  • You can easily keep up with how many new customers you’re gaining.
  • You can predict how your business is going to do in the future.
  • Everything is in the one place.
  • It saves a lot of time


  • Installing a system that nobody knows how to use will lead to loss of time as you staff will need to be trained and learn how to use it.
  • If your system is breached all customers information could be compromised.

After reading this, I thought it was a really good picture of a CRM in a nutshell. The security of course is one of the biggest concern of organisations and they need to understand how important it is to make sure they are not giving away their sensitive information to a third party.

Of course the implementation of a system without training is another big concern in organisations. If you are bringing in an expensive game in the house, put the effort to learn how to play as well. Without training your employees will be lost and that’s what you should try and avoid.

At Target Integration we help organisations get the best out of their CRM/ERP applications so if you are looking for training on Vtiger CRM or Odoo ERP or CiviCRM. Contact us now and we can ensure that your employees are more productive than earlier.

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