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CRM for HR Companies/Consultants

CRM is the tool that is used for managing your relationship with the customers, this can be used in business-to-consumer or Business to corporate environments as well. In today’s competitive business scenario, recognizing this fact is mandatory for a company’s success. To assist businesses to come out with the never-ending customer demands, organizations have decided to enforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to manage the customer-facing procedures of their business. Customer Relationship Management is not new. but what is new is the strategies, technologies, and applications which are used the improve the management of customers, customer information, and the business as a whole. Though there is much other software nowadays the basic fundamentals of CRM are still the same. Be it any business and you’ll hear the same requirements: “Complete profile of customer” “Leads Management” “Get more customers” ” Measure our marketing ROI (Return on Investment)” “Sales force automation” “Attain customer satisfaction” These are the basic objectives of CRM, however not all objectives. Businesses need to ease out their business processes to the complexities within the organization in both processes and communication mediums so that the profit of CRM can be tracked and more concrete. The main services which CRM provides are marketing, sales, and service (pre-sales, sales, and post-sales) to give the employees who touch base with the customer the power to access valuable customer profiles. CRM can also strengthen the customer view across channels including the Web, call centers, field service, sales reps, and partners so that they can project to customers a better market, sale, and service. The Goal   The principle CRM focus on areas that support the requirements of the customer-interactive processes of a business:   How CRM can Help HR Consultants   CRM can be a handy tool for HR Consultant companies to streamline and maintain their date and below are the details of a few features of it.   – Maintain a database of all the candidates with their resumes so that it can be tracked anytime   – Students can be tagged on the basis of their Skill-set and data can be retrieved whenever a requirement arises from the client.   – Data will have saved not only about their skill set will also be around their preferred location to work, current location, current CTC, expected CTC, years of exp, past record, etc., and will click of few reports data can be created and shared with the client about it.   – It also helps in Sales Management for HR companies with the companies they are tapping for their services and how many of them are matured or missed to convert.   – It can also create sales funnel for the company with forecasting capabilities.   – It help to send quotation from the system to the customers (organizations) also invoicing etc.   – It also helps in task management in which you have reminders for calling clients and candidates for various events like interview dates, interview reminders, payment follow-up, sales follow up   – Records the historical conversation with Client and Candidates for future prospective   – Service Contracts for tracking and managing limit of service offering to any customer.   – Contact Management for managing your contacts which are consolidated over a period of time.   – Service Management, can help you know which service is most saleable for you compare to other services of yours.   – Payment Management for tracking given incentives to your team for converting sales.   All these modules will not only help you to automate your business but will help you to increase your sales conversions and effectiveness with the same resources. For any other information feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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