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CRM for retail outlets

The essence of a retail business is client relationship. For all the retailers their customers or consumers hold the top position and are essential for a business to flourish.

A retailer who manages to attend well to the interests of a customer , will always be better positioned in the market. Hence for retailers to earn hefty profits it becomes essential that they have a good knowledge about their customers. A retailer needs to know:

  • Customer profile
  • Most loyal customer
  • Most selling product
  • Products whose sale depends on various changing factors
  • Most efficient salesman

Amidst this situation requiring too much of information to be memorized, cloud based CRM comes to rescue!!.

It sorts all the problems for the retailers helping them efficiently and effectively manage their store(s) and have business flourishing.allinone-infographic

Apart from managing client/customer database a CRM also performs the basic function of maintaining employee effectiveness as well. It helps you to:

  • Keep track of inventory
  • Track purchase order
  • Manage payrolls
  • Know your most efficient salesman
  • Leads to Sale Conversion Ratio per sales man
  • Leads to Sale Coneversion Ratio per man/per day/per week/per month/per year and per store.

The most worthy feature of a CRM is its attribute of being LIVE. Incorporating a CRM to your business will keep you updated about the various activities going on, at just a click on your laptop, PC, tablet or even mobile phone.

In today’s cut throat competition, CRM has become an inevitable need as it not only eases out the task of memorizing a lot of information or having to record it the conventional, much risk prone way, but also gives an edge to a retailer by giving them a better way to figure out what suits best for their own business.

Besides it also gives you a convenient contact with all your customers at just a click via methods of Bulk e-mails, Bulk-SMSes, keeping track of birthdays and anniversaries of each of the clients so as to make suitable offers to them.crm-diagram

The basic objectives of CRM coincide with the basic motto of any business:


The CRM gives you an open, unrestricted opportunity to attain your business goal. The bottom line is happy customers means more business which means a happy you.

With CRM it’s not just about the existing customers but also the future or potential customers.


We, at Target Integration, help you take care of your customers. Through CRM’s, specially customised to suit your needs, we aim to go all the way to be by your side and aid you in becoming the best for your customers.

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