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CRM for SME's and Corporations

Grow your customers, save time and add value to your business with the Best CRM software.

What is CRM?

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management”. It is a combination of processes, strategies, and software that are put together to build a lasting relationship between companies and their customers. 

It refers to all the tools, techniques, and technologies that help enterprises retain, develop, and acquire customers.

Features of CRM

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Softwares We Offer

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Why choose TI

Target Integration, over the past 13 years, has helped more than 4379 companies to achieve automation in their business workflow. We are a team of experienced professionals relieving companies of clumsy and tiresome tasks with the right Customer Service CRM software that not only enhances productivity but also adds value to the business.

CRM Implementation and Consulting

Our experts start by assessing the current business requirements of our clients. The proper analysis then helps us identify the right CRM software Online for the business. We take up a consultation at the "TI Discovery Phase" wherein we try to build a clear understanding of our client’s business and suggest them with the right CRM software.

Dedicated Support

Our team offers quick and reliable support in case of any issues faced by you. Our experts guide you every step of the way to ensure CRM implementation is done on time and is running smoothly. We provide 24*7 support through live chats, messaging, emails, calls, and more.

Custom CRM development

Our team of experts provide simple to complex customization of the CRM software. Our experts have a deep understanding and knowledge of numerous implementations of CRM. They customize the same to meet the requirements of businesses.

CRM Data Migration and Integration

Our specialists will ensure smooth migration of data from one software to another with complete data protection. Not only do we help you overcome data migration challenges, but our team of experts can also integrate the software to ensure complete flexibility and higher scalability.

What our customers say

We have been dealing with Rohit/Target Integration for many years & have found them a great company to deal with. Stephen has been a brilliant help & support to us with some recent mail management software implemented in Just-Print. I would have no problem recommending Target Integration to any of…

We moved all our infrastructure to cloud with the help of Target Integration’s team and while it was a very difficult decision to let go of our physical server in the office it turned into a fantastic result. Target Integration’s team made sure the migration was smooth and at the…

We researched options to amalgamate our multiple saas platforms within different departments in order to ensure better integration, reduce costs and to help automate our processes. On paper, Zoho was clearly the option for us. Now that we have been in implementation phase, I feel that we definitely made the…

Our sucess stories

Action 24

Full Automation for Action 24 Alarm Business

Overview Action 24 supplies monitored alarms and CCTV for homes and businesses. Their alarm receiving centre is an industry-leading facility, enabling them to provide a full range of alarm and CCTV monitoring…

Services & Solutions

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