Customers for Life

In today’s world of tough competition and globalization, making a sale is not that easy. Neither is retaining a customer. The customer today is much more informed and wise. The salesman today have come to realise this and they try to make all possible efforts to make a relation of a lifetime with the customer. So what should be done to make a customer, anesthetist your customer for life? Let’s repeatedly to one particular shop or brand for buying clothes? We may have tried other options once in a while but ultimately we find ourselves shopping at the same shop. Is it because the sales guy there is too helpful? Or do the salesmen there always find just the right shirt for you? Or the clothes you buy from there are of best quality? Most likely the answer would be ‘Yes’ to all these questions! If that’s the case, health Bingo! We have found the answer to our question.

    1. What our customers expect from us is the same as what we expect when we are buying. It is very essential to place yourself at your customer’s position and then understand their needs.
    1. It is our duty to entertain our customers well. A customer who leaves your shop with a satisfaction that the deal has been concluded to his welfare is more likely to return the next time!
    1. You should never ever compromise with the quality of your product. After you are done talking to the customer, it is your product quality that will do the talking from there on.
    1. Post sales service is something you will always be judged by and better your service, happier your customer which in turn will always mean a happier you.
    1. Never be pushy. No one likes returning to an over anxious salesman. Understand the needs of your customer and give him the best possible solution accordingly.
    1. Value the customer’s time and they will value the relationship.
    1. Never try to misguide the customer. You might make a sale by doing so but it will never get you a lasting customer.

Word of Mouth marketing is the best and most effective form of publicity. People will rely more on other people who have undergone the experience, any day, over the flashy advertisements. So make the right choices and make each customer, your customer for life. Target Integration understands the value of a customer relation and ensures best service and cost to our customers. Contact us for your managing your Customer Relations with cloud-based CRM Software and Enterprise Resource Planning ERP software.

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