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Does Your Business Need A Website?

Would you like your customers to be able to communicate with you easily at their convenience?

Would you like to stay in regular touch with your customers?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, then what you need is an eCommerce website.

With the increasing penetration of broadband and computers in Ireland the number of people going online for their shopping is becoming more and more popular. As per Euromonitor (A leading statistics provider on European countries), online spending in Ireland grew from $252.97m to $663.13m between 2004 and 2007. Another research by Irish Entrepreneur Online predicted that Ireland will have the highest growth rate of online shoppers in European countries.


An online store also allows you to increase your customer base by reaching customers in different parts of the country. In case of an online shop the decision on the size of the market depends entirely on your own choice. A website is available everywhere all the time and customers in any part of the world can shop from your website.

Recently, a friend of mine was asking about setting up a shop in ebay. The problem I came across after talking to some of the active ebay sellers is that after spending a lot of time in setting up your shop on ebay you may get some customers but there is no loyalty on ebay with the customers and also you end up paying a number of charges to ebay from setting up the shop to transaction margin. And then you are competing against the suppliers from all around the world.

A website is now a days a marketing tool and at the same time as necessary for a business as a business card is. When a customer buys anything from your website he knows that he bought from a real person. A positive feedback on your website will give your brand name another boost and improve your customer base. A professional looking website can give an idea to your customers that you care about your business and same way you care about your customers. This will not only increase your Internet customers base but also the customers who would like to visit your store or would like to have services from you.

Its time to gear up to stop those local customers from going away and give them the facility of shopping from their home any time. Target Integration have the expertise in designing and developing eCommerce websites. A highly experienced design team and support available only at a distance of a phone call is available for a smooth implementation of your eBusiness on your website. Target Integration also provide a complete IT consultation for your business as well. Contact us today to get your website live.

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