Does your Business Really Need ERP?

Whenever a business owner is told about a major change he needs to bring about in his company to keep up with the pace of market, he lands in a state of introspection!!

He needs to think through primarily about WHY this change is needed and HOW will he bring it about!

Without doubt these questions are crucial. Same goes for the case of integrating ERP software into one’s business. Integrating ERP into one’s business might be a lucrative idea but at the same time availability of necessary resources has to be ensured.

An ERP system requires investment, both in terms of money and time from employees, to yield results. But rest assured that results would be amazing if an ERP system is given the dedication it demands. It is sure to bring about big profits for you and your business.

Coming back to our question of WHY ERP.

Any business operates on a pool of information. Information about products, employees, customers, about the scope, services and policies of the companies, complaints by customers, offers for customers and much more. The intellectual evaluation of this data helps you make the right decisions for your company which will be eventually help you in the growth of your company.

But what if all of this data is scattered all over your workplace in bits and pieces, on paper or stored on computers of different employees. You have to be sure that you have all the necessary data at hand before actually drawing a useful conclusion from it. With an ERP software, you can simply log into your system from practically anywhere and just have a look at all the required data with a simple click.

  • Besides saving your time, the ERP system also ensures that you do not miss on any important information piece(s) while making any critical decision.
  • With an ERP system, you can generate complaint tickets, ensure they are resolved in time and figure a permanent solution in case that issue appears repeatedly.
  • An ERP system helps you store all the necessary data about your customers and make the best use of it.
  • As an ERP system is based in cloud, hence it is safe and protected and allows access at remote locations.
  • Reminders of meetings and calls and a track of how these meetings and calls progressed, can also be seen through an ERP system.
  • An ERP system allows the owner to give selected access to each of his employees depending on the employee’s need to access the data.
  • ERP system allows you to access and send mails to your colleagues directly through this software.
  • For any of your client companies, you can see the contacts or employees of that company, the ongoing and finished projects, the quotations sent, any communication that happened between them and you through varied means,
  • Keeping track of leads and opportunities, assigning leads to your employees and seeing the success and failure rate of those leads can be easily and clearly visualized with an ERP system.
  • For any ongoing project in the company. You can see all the people working on it, the stage that project is at, time being allotted and the tasks associated with it.
  • You have the detail of your entire inventory and warehouse stock right before you, at just a click.
  • Tracking your vendors and placing orders with them becomes a cakewalk.
  • You can also track your employees’ efficiency.
  • An ERP software enables you to put up any remarks or reminders for yourself.

All these are just few of the features if an ERP system. An ERP system has no bounds if you can use it to its best efficiency and make the most out of it!! You surely wouldn’t want to miss all these extremely profitable and practical uses of an ERP system.

Let’s answer the HOW question now!

With a very reasonable cost, an ERP comes loaded with all the modules that help your business grow.

ERP system requires only and only dedication from all your employees who are meant to use it. If the ERP system is regularly fed with the required information, it can prove to be a long-term asset to you and your company. Plus your employees will eventually have all their undertakings in the ERP system and hence it will boost up their efficiency.

An ERP is a very cost effective solution that answers many of your company and business issues and puts them right.

I am sure by now you must have realized the worth of an ERP system and how it can work wonders for you and your company. You can contact us for any further queries or to get an ERP system customized just for your business.

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