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Easily Build Your Ecommerce Store in Odoo 8

You can now create awesome and professional websites with Odoo using building blocks in just no time. Promote your website, events and organize inline subscriptions. Boost your sales by setting up an E-Commerce site without having technical skills.

  • Install the odoo website builder in one click and start building your website immediately. Just drag and drop and build impressive pages.
  • The first step of its brand new online activity with Odoo is to create the home page of our new website.
  • Click on Edit button to choose and modify building blocks and create your awesome e-commerce website in no time. Click on  “Insert Blocks” button to insert blocks of content in the page.
  • Now just drag and drop the builder blocks. Resize and position elements wherever you want to on the page. You can use themes provided by odoo or can select your own themes, background. I have selected themes from Odoo, edited the text as per my requirement.


  • You can edit content of the page for example edit “Your Company’ and provide your companies name.
  • Click on “Phone” icon from top bar to see how your site looks like on mobile devices.
  • Click on “Promote” option to promote or advertise your website.
  • Click on “Content” menu to help you create a new page or edit the menu items.
  • Click on “Customize” to activate more functionality such as opening the “HTML Editor”, Change theme, Install apps and many more.
  • Click on Content menu and select “Edit Menu” from here you can edit the name of the menus “Home”, “Photos”


Here is your own designed website ready to rock. We at target integration can help you design your own E-commerce website as per your requirement.

For any detail or sales query feel free to contact usTarget Integration is an authorised partner of Odoo and provide all types of services for Odoo.

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