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Connecting Systems, Elevating Performance

Manufacturing and distribution companies are struggling with disjointed systems and outdated processes.

And it’s costing them – in labour, in output and in real money.
Today, efficiency and integration are key to staying competitive.  

Enable your systems to work together seamlessly through digital transformation to boost productivity and drive growth. 
Target Integration are experts in SME digital transformation.

Find out how we can make your systems talk to one another.


Business solutions for removing every hindrance on your business journey to success.


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Empowering Growth Together


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70% of Digital Transformations Fail – Don’t Let Yours be One of Them 

Target Integration has pulled enough digital implementation projects out of disaster recovery to know – it’s cheaper and a lot less time consuming to simply get it right the first time. Our digital transformation experts can provide you with a holistic framework to a successful program of change, tying together your unique business needs with a thorough understanding of your existing processes and workflows, and the team members who are responsible for seeing them through. We place your organisation – its people, processes and existing technology – at the heart of the digital solutions we provide, to mould our solutions to your business and ensure a successful implementation on the first time, every time.