This is the first blog on www.knowledgement.ie on Entrepreneurship, through which we are starting the new category on knowleagement for our readers.

Entrepreneurship is in itself a vast topic which is not only tough to write but to live as well if you don’t believe ask yourself or the Entrepreneur next to you.

Having said that its a great experience and exposure to have and if you really like adventure and trying new things in life you must try it.

Entrepreneurship is like a Sine Wave (for science and maths students to understand) and in normal English its roller coaster ride where only to sit, first you need to seek permission and support from your family, friends etc and after that you invest money to take a ride.

Without scaring you further I must say its an amazing journey where you learn more than any B-School can teach you, where you learn technology more than any Engineering college can teach you, where you learn patience more than any meditation center can teach you, and many more (Words are not enough to explain )

But before you start with Entrepreneurship you really need to have ambition, internal driving force, vision, self believe and above all madness to pursue your dreams and then the idea to start with, else there are many who start their journey everyday and finish off everyday.

With this every upcoming Entrepreneur needs to understand the difference between Business and Entrepreneurship.

There is very thin line between the two and which is Businesses starts with the complete motto of earning money as quickly as possible whereas Entrepreneur find the gap in the market and work hard enough to create a space for himself in the market and grow gradually, though if you are if product or service actually clicked in the market than you will surely earn money but will it be certain that would be tough to say.

So before you start any venture ask yourself a question are you a Businessman or an Entrepreneur and once you get the ans you will find your way forward.

At the end if you have chosen Entrepreneurship there is something I can surely promise, no matter you will be the richest person on the planet or not but at the end you will cherish every sec

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