Essential Steps for Successful ERP Selection & Implementation

It is extremely vital for a company to get the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system selection & implementation “in place”. Needless to say, there are countless benefits of ERP – like business growth, competitive advantage, streamlined operations, enhanced customer service, etc. However, zeroing upon a wrong system or poor implementation can cost the progress of company in a big way.

Meanwhile, despite all the discussions on ERP system implementations causing havoc with everyday operations, having a successful and non-disruptive implementation of ERP system can do wonders. Working with a right partner and the right ERP system will always work in your favour, and it also ensures that the process goes on sans any glitch.

As we move forward with this discussion, you first must understand that whether you have a multinational company or a small shop, they all face similar kind of challenges & opportunities. So, here we bring to you the 5 essential steps to ensure that your ERP selection & implementation turns out to be a success. These steps will be explaining how to:

  1. Organise your project to attain success even prior to selecting a vendor
  2. Get your team together
  3. Make decision over best ERP solution for your firm as well as your budget
  4. Choose the right implementation partner
  5. Keep progressing even post “go live”

Steps to Select & Implement ERP System:

Begin with the basics: This is when you need to first find an answer to why you need an ERP system. Like, it could be that your current system is not supporting your business’ requirements, or won’t in future as your business grows and expands. Or it could be that it is costing too much to maintain or is not secure. This way, there could be tons of reasons for why you require a new ERP system. Once you have the right answer, it is the time to secure your team, outline the project strategy & take a good look at the current state of business.

Unite your whole team: To attain a successful implementation of ERP system, it is vital to have your entire team on board. Ensure that ERP training has been scheduled early on in the project, not to any specific software, instead focuses on general principles. Everyone needs to be on the same page.

Choose your solution & your implementation partner: There are myriad ERP system out there to choose from, and while selecting there are three things to keep in mind, such as ease of use, functionality and support. Once you are satisfied in these three arena, you can go ahead in talks with the chosen provider.

Implement your new system: The basic necessities for the successful implementation of ERP solution comprise of: Usage of standard tracking tools like MS Project, Keep Project & its progress highly-visible to the entire group of stakeholders all along the process, Never skimp on the training.

Keep up the momentum: If you thought implementation ends as you go live, then you are wrong. Stay up-to-date on new releases, features & trainings. Educate your employees and consider advanced functionality.

With right support and partnership, your ERP can prove to be a great success, without disrupting your business. Get in touch with us for a seamless experience.

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