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Family Day 2020 Virtual Celebration at Target Integration

Family Day and its importance

As the name proposes, Family Day is an occasion that is expected to permit friends and family to take a reprieve from their day by day lives and get to know one another. Probably the best thing about this event is that there is no single “necessity” for the exercises to be observed; Family Day is adaptable as it is unwinding.

Obviously, this day is held at various seasons inside various pieces of the world. All things considered; the general aim is the equivalent. As for us all are driving progressively chaotic timetables, this day is proposed to give us a bit of recreation time outside of the “hustle and bustle” of our schedules.

Some may decide to have a merry supper together while others can rather go to a strict occasion or just take a cookout. In any case, this day is probably the most ideal approach to help us to remember the significance of family in our lives.

Family Day is a date for all of us to offer recognition and honour to our families. Frequently, we don’t value our families as much as we should. This is on the grounds that we invest such a great amount of energy with them and we are so used to this that we don’t take a stride back and ponder all that they accomplish for us. Family Day offers you the chance.

We should all adoration our families, regardless of whether they pester us on occasion! All things considered; families are consistently there for us. Through the great and the terrible, you can generally rely on your family to be there. Families likewise love you for what your identity is, and they uphold you through everything.

Realizing that you have your family behind you to help you can assist you with going for the things that you truly need throughout everyday life. In addition, families accommodate their kids. It doesn’t make a difference if your family had a great deal, they presumably did all that they could to put food on the table and ensure that you had the most ideal life. This is something that is unquestionably worth regarding and honouring, correct? In the event that that was insufficient, families additionally raise us to be the best individual that we can be.

We convey a few of our folks with us any place we go to. It very well may be your snicker, your boldness, your assurance, or your graciousness; the odds are, a portion of these characteristics have come from your folks or significantly different individuals from your family that you turn upward to. Likewise, consider the entirety of the extraordinary chuckles and recollections that we have imparted to our family individuals en route! That thinking is sufficient to make many individuals grin.

You can utilize a family day to show your folks and other family individuals exactly the amount they intend to you. There are various simple yet significant ways that you can do this. It very well may be as straightforward as revealing to them how you feel. You can likewise impart an affectionate memory to them, invest energy with them, help around the house, or cook them a delicious dinner. It is up to you!

Family Day is praised everywhere in the world. Indeed, in certain nations, it is commended as a public occasion. This incorporates Songkran in Thailand, just as in the Australian Capital Territory, Vietnam, Vanuatu, Uruguay, the U.S. conditions of Nevada and Arizona, various diverse Canadian regions, and in South Africa too.


The entire world today faces an abnormal life due to the existing COVID-19 situation. Yet, great things happen from a small beginning. Likewise, little hope-filled with little joy at home can turn our bored minds into a happier one. At Target Integration, we truly live by this. Our employees are part of our family, and by extension, their families as well! And so amidst the social distancing, we organized our virtual TI Family Day 2020!

It was the perfect opportunity to meet & thank the families of our employees for all their support & love in these challenging times. With such a meaningful connection and a lovely experience, all our members shared their family stories. We also played games & got gifts too!! It was such a fun-filled and frolicking day!

Cheers to all of us!

Marketing Team

“You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything.” – True that!

Our diverse team of #DigitalMarketing enthusiasts at @target integration love to engage & try new things that can help businesses connect & learn from each other.

The Marketing Department plays a vital role in promoting the business and mission of our organization. It serves as the face of our company, coordinating and producing all materials representing the business. It is our Marketing Department’s job to reach out to prospects, customers, investors and/or the community while creating an overarching image that represents our company in a positive light. Small lit of happy light arose in everyone’s face when our team members started to introduce their family members. Each and everyone’s mind has been fulfilled with plenty of joy and happiness until the entire session winded up. Our diverse team of Digital Marketing enthusiasts at target integration love to engage and try new things that can help businesses connect & learn from each other.

Project Management & Development team

Successful projects are usually the result of careful planning and the talent and collaboration of our project’s team members. Projects can’t move forward without each of our key team members, but it’s not always clear who those members are, or what roles they play.

These hectic roles have been played routinely by our Project management & Development team. This family day virtual celebration has been a big break-through where all of our employees shined their inner face with a lot of happiness overwhelmed with plenty of joy.

Team of IT Consultants & Software Developers

Software projects all take careful planning, a talented development team and collaboration of a project’s team members, both internally within the company and externally with the software development company.

Software projects can only move forward when the key stakeholders are all in place. One such organization is our Target Integration.

“If at first, you don’t succeed; call it version 1.0” – That’s just how our developers roll

It’s time for a sneak-peek into our Team of IT Consultants & Software Developers. This group was filled with laughter & fun activities at Target Integration Family Day 2020! The virtual get-together didn’t stop us from having a blast with all our family members.

 Sales & Consultants Team

Service from the heart but financially Smart!

Yes, that’s our Sales & Consultants Team who have captured beautiful & winsome memories of their family group chit-chat.

Human Resource Department

Family Day is a happy day that is celebrated, with emotions & gratitude.

The first person whom we all interact in any organization is? Yes, a Human Resource Manager. This awesome virtual meet-up started with warm greetings with plenty of whole-hearted smiles in all our team members. It’s been an awesome chance to let other people describe us in an impressive way! This thing happened in a wonderful manner even when we are separated by distance—and not by minds! The happiness in this picture just describes how our minds were!

No words needed! Picture speaks!!

To Wrap up

 Amidst this COVID situation, we all had our best time on the best day—FAMILY DAY 2020.

Distance doesn’t matter when souls are connected to each other. Yes! Even though we all have been separated far apart, our bond continues ever and as a result, this grand virtual meet has happened in an awesome way!

Thanks for all who have joined hands with us and turned this day into an unforgettable memory!

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