Gear Up Business Intelligence Through Dynamics 365


The CRM and ERP blended cloud service ‘Dynamics 365′  launched by Microsoft is a real game changer. The online Microsoft CRM is also known as Dynamics 365. It represents a sales or operations module that can be combined and matched. It provides flexible and standardized guidelines towards purchasing and utilizing business applications. Microsoft has termed it a total end to end business tool in the cloud. The concept behind Dynamics 365 is to provide a flexible method for managing customer relationships. It aims to boost business activity in any given environment and at the same time offering an increased automation at the personal level. If you are looking for customized solutions for businesses and enterprises, Dynamics 365 in Ireland is the way to go.

The positives of Dynamics 365

The application has various purpose-built apps that take care of an array of fields. From financial, sales, marketing, product facility automation, Field service, Operations, Project service to Finance and Customer Service. Dynamics 365 is currently available in two versions- the Enterprise Edition and Business Edition.

The Enterprise edition comprises of an ERP and CRM cloud solution optimized for 250 plus employees. The Business edition is designed for small businesses and optimized for 10-250 employees.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 also uses the data integration and evolved processing capacity of the Microsoft Azure cloud-computing system.

Greater Productivity

It brings consistent productivity by merging Outlook and Excel to avoid switching programs.

Increased Intelligence

Enhanced decision making is made possible by integrating Cortana and Power BI within 365. It also offers great integration options by allowing you to integrate with Microsoft 365, Yammer and Skype for business. This makes it a versatile application for any type of business. 

Being a cloud platform, Dynamics 365 is highly efficient for the sales team. It provides convenient access on any device and the information required is centrally stored. It knows what your customer demands by infusing large data with customer needs. It then creates better marketing resources.


It brings everyone in your enterprise on the same page by employing only one, easy-to-reference dashboard. Dashboard is configured for the marketing, sales and service units.

Customer experience

It provides a heightened customer experience and pushes engagement through intelligent customer analytics. It provides exact insights to employees for a better customer engagement.

Time-saving & expense management

It simplifies time as well as expenses for your employees. Sending information,  forwarding and approval and update of the project status are made convenient. Besides, the configurable method of the system ensures that tasks are performed smoothly.

Customer billing

The app functions with your financial systems and allows a single location for your project managers to review and consent to every job cost. They can also create, approve and dispatch customer invoices in email and on the internet.

Mobile resources

It provides your team access to efficient and user-compliant mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows. Using these apps, the team can choose projects, enhance skills, handle schedules, enter time and costs and collaborate with Microsoft 365 anytime.

Give your project-centric business more profitability by installing Dynamics 365 and its field service tools as it improves both your service dispatching and also the revenue. Besides, it also provides real-time updates for accurate inventory management.

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