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Generating QR Codes

You may have seen our post on How to Read QR Code on your iPhone? but these codes are to be generated so that they can be printed on your marketing material. And most of my friends in printing/design industry know very well that for printing you need a high resolution vector format of the design so that it can be printed in a good quality.

One such web application is available at Kerem Erkan’s website here.

The application allows you to generate QR Code with various different actions such as:

  • Browse a Website – You can make a user to come to your website or a marketing landing page by scanning a QR Code
  • Bookmark a Website – Make the user scan the QR Code and bookmark your website/blog
  • Create a vCard – Create a standard Business vCard
  • Google/Bing Map – Show the user a map of the desired location (your office, branch etc.)

There are a lot of other actions as well available from the website and options that you can select while generating your QR Code. Once done you can download the QR Code and use it on any of the printed/non printed material or even on your website.

Check It Out Now!!

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