Happy New Year 2011 & Knowledgement Improvements

Hey Friends, Wish you all a very Happy New Year. Let’s forget the last year and look forward to the new year with a brighter outlook.

This year we have a few plans to improve your experience with Knowledgement for instance we are planning to do tutorials on your favourite Open Source Applications like, Joomla, vTiger and CiviCRM. There will be a mixture of tips and tricks, workflow/process tutorials, software customisations and a lot more.

We are also planning to bring in some guest writers. These guest writers will be coming from different industry sectors to make sure that Knowledgement doesn’t only increase your knowledge on IT but also on other functions in your business be it Human Resources, Sales or Accounting. All the writers will now have their own page on Knowledgement which will ensure that you get to know them well and if needed you can always get in touch with them to help you with your specific queries.

We hope you like the new changes and improvements. Let us know what you think and we at Target Integration look forward to presenting you even better service experience.

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