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How AI based deal scoring helps in closing more sales?

AI-Based Deal Scoring with Vtiger Calculus 

With passing days, businesses are employing brand-new methods for attracting new customers. “Deal Scoring” is one of the most popular methods that companies use to rank leads based on their selling potential. 

A lot of companies still use manual deal-scoring methods. More often than not, however, manual deal scoring can lead to flawed results. 

Vtiger Calculus can now equip you with the power of AI to help you see better results. The AI-powered deal scoring system has come up to streamline the process and give companies an edge over their competitors. 

How does AI-powered deal scoring work? Let’s have a look!


Why Do You Need a Good Deal Scoring System? 

Each deal varies from the other in a lot of different ways. Factors such as demographic, client needs, client engagement, and behavior are some of the most common elements that affect the end result of a deal. 

In today’s competitive market, businesses are on the lookout for methods that are both reliable and offer excellent results. Why does a business need a reliable deal scoring process? 

First, a good system ensures better forecasts.

Second, a good deal scoring system will help a business realize its chances at closing a deal. If the chances of closing the deal are not in their favor, they can work towards improving these chances. 

As opposed to more traditional methods of lead scoring, Vtiger’s AI-Based deal scoring system is changing the world in more ways than one. Thanks to Vtiger‘s error-free scoring method, businesses can now realize their dreams easily. 


AI-Powered Deal Scoring vs Conventional Deal Scoring

Why are more and more businesses choosing AI-based scoring over more traditional methods? 

Well, the former can easily spot information that humans may fail to take into account. These systems use historical data for predicting the result of a deal. As historical data increases, so does the scoring. 

To err is human. In conventional systems, the duty of the tedious scoring process lies upon the shoulders of a Sales leader. It is not only a monotonous process but is also prone to errors. Meanwhile, AI ensures maximum accuracy as it is solely data-based. 


How Can Vtiger Calculus Help Improve Deal Scoring? 

Vtiger Calculus is a brand-new system in a market filled with traditional deal-scoring methods. Features include Deal Recommendations, Email support, call analysis, and coaching attributes, among other things. Read on to know about how it can help your business as well. 

  • Your sales rep will get reminders to perform essential functions such as recognizing decision-makers. 
  • Get recommendations about documents that previously helped deals reach success. 
  • An AI-based system will recommend you the best time to get in touch with your leads to drive sales. 
  • It is purely based on historical data. With the increase in data, deal scoring will also improve exponentially. 
  • The tedious nature of the task can result in humans making mistakes and modifying these mistakes time and again. Vtiger Calculus will not only improve outcomes but will also help people get rid of the worries mentioned above. 


To Sum Up

Vtiger Calculus offers a pool of great features that businesses can employ to see better results. From Deal recommendations to Email assistance, you can have so many great things at your fingertips. 

For the longest time, Target Integration has been equipping businesses with tailor-made business solutions. As a Vtiger partner, Target Integration has helped a lot of businesses reach the next level. 

Vtiger Calculus comes as an add-on with Vtiger Sales and Vtiger One programs. Thanks to this AI-powered system, you can now boost your business’s productivity and profitability as well. Get in touch with us today to know more!

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