How do I Write Correct Keywords in My Products Page?

As part of our SEO work that we do at Target Integration for our clients, we always get asked about the correct way of putting keywords in articles and product pages. Adding the right keywords is an important step in helping customers find your products. Here are some guidelines for adding keywords to your products.

Use Unique Keywords for each Product

When you upload products, make sure the keywords are specific and relevant for each item. In most cases, you need to keyword each product separately.

  • Ask yourself: If a user searches for this keyword and finds this product, will they be confused?
  • List 5-15 keywords per product, separated by commas


  • There is a maximum of 30 keywords and 300 total characters
  • Each keyword may be up to 60 characters long; for example, “red sofa” is one keyword and eight characters long, including spaces.

Synonyms: Keyword synonyms, such as “sofa” and “couch”. Another example: “coastal decor”, “nautical decor” and “ocean theme decor”.

Capitals and punctuation: Capitalization and punctuation are ignored in search, so it is okay to keyword in lower case.

Auto-complete: Use the keywords that are auto-completed in the keywording box if they are relevant for the product.

Appropriate types of keywords:

  • Specific product category (canopy bed, wood stove, electric tea kettle)
  • Materials (silk curtains, satin pillowcase, wood table)
  • Colours, colour schemes, patterns (white bed, neutral bedding, plaid bedding)
  • Size/shape adjectives (round pan, oversized comforter, mini chandelier, double vanity)
  • Style (traditional art, art nouveau mirror, beach style decor)
  • Quantities (2-piece sectional, 3-light chandelier)
  • Room and use (bedroom furniture, kitchen rug, cooking tools)
  • Brand/product designer (Eames chair, Vitra chair, Panton Chair)
  • Unique product features (basket with lid, self-cleaning oven)

Inappropriate types of keywords:

  • Keywords that are not relevant to that specific product
  • Keywords listing store locations, brand/seller information, SKUs

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