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How HubSpot integration for payment solve B2B Pain points

In this article we are going to see how HubSpot Payment is user friendly with its back end powerfully supported by stripe.  

A satisfied customer who relies on your services/ products peacefully is all any business can ask for by the end of the day. Customer satisfaction will be the end result if you can design a CRM keeping it as the core value.  

When we think about any business which has a digital end to it, most of the business are not comfortable with digital payment systems. For those businesses who stays and provide services online, payment gateways and interface become a prominent part of its recognition. 

HubSpot Payment

About HubSpot Implementation

HubSpot is a company that develops products related to inbound marketing, sales and customercentric services. Thus, Marketing and Sales becomes HubSpot’s primary platforms. HubSpot has a strong technology to sync data centrally. Not only that, it also has integration features, that it can be integrated to many useful business automation tools.  

What is HubSpot Payment: B2B CRM Powered payments.

HubSpot payment is a recent addition. It is an all-in-one solution that allows HubSpot customers to seamlessly accept digital payments from their buyers. Most payment processing solutions live in a back-office system. But HubSpot payments looks like it lives directly in your CRM.  

This is perfectly crafted for HubSpot’s B2B customers to get paid faster. They have streamlined these actions by automating manual work, creating a much better buying experience for their customers. HubSpot has multiple systems in order to catch up with the quote to cash cycle.  

Most of the e-commerce available in the market is built for B2Cmodels. Only a few B2B models are available to integrate with a business going online. Now businesses can accept payments in less time with fewer tools directly inside their day-to-day CRM.  

But what does it do and how does it increase my revenue? And how a happy customer can be created around it?  

 These constitute the accelerated digital payment hub for the HubSpot customers.  

  •  Payment link 
  • Recurring payments 
  • Payment enabled quotes 
HubSpot Payments

Payment Link

With HubSpot’s payment link, you can create an online payment form with just a few clicks. No coding required. A payment link can be for a single product or a bundle of product.  
You can embed the payment link directly in your website, put it on a landing page, an email to a customer, or drop it in a chat session.  

The link starts with a button that customers click on to enter their payment information, all the way to the receipt that the customer gets after the payment.  

Recurring Payments

For those businesses which send multiple bills, collect multiple payments over a period of time, or want to enable subscriptions, there is an easy way to set up recurring payments. This allows you to collect your monthly bills from your clients, sell memberships, or offer subscriptions to digital content, just to name a few.  

Recurring payments are objects in HubSpot. You can do just about anything with them. You can use them to trigger advance, and advance to trigger payments. So, you can use them in your list, the workflow to notify to trigger payments. 

 This can even send out an internal reminder to your sales and service reps to follow up with the end of the subscription. It’s a great tool to ensure your customer to receiving an effortless buyer experience during each and every payment scale. And the best part is, the payment is directly integrated with HubSpot quoting tool.

Payment enabled quotes

The main purpose here is to create a streamlined process of the quote to sales that are initiated directly from your sales quotes, which works with individual and recurring payments. This gives your buyer a modern streamline of buying experience and for you, it speeds up/ simplifies the quote to cash process.   

HubSpot Payment hub makes everyone's interface easy

The user interface is completely customisable. It is tailored to check with your long going customer images.  And this works when there’s a one-time purchase or a recurring purchase. These HubSpot integrations are appreciated even with HubSpot’s data participants.   

HubSpot CRM has a unified interface, and they have a powerful connection to central data. HubSpot uses its new and robust technology, named Data sync engine, to coordinate everything inside and between its various ‘hubs’.  

Because HubSpot make payment platforms more user friendly, business owners pain points like delayed payments and reminders around them are made easy. Because of its user-friendly design, clients are faced with minimal friction and payments are made easy, when it comes to  

HubSpot’s Partnership with Stripe

HubSpot pricing on its payments are simple, but yet it is fully backed by stripe. Stripe powers the infrastructure of the new HubSpot payment. 

Stripe is a financial SaaS company. It mainly offers payment processing software and APIs (Application programming interfaces) for e-commerce. Stripe has been around 10years. Many people in the world use this software directly or indirectly since this is linked in the background of many applications we use on a daily basis for online transactions.  

Stripe drive to increase the ‘GDP’ of the internet since only a fewer percent of the world’s businesses are involved in online cash transfers. Moving money globally is very complicated. It requires well class security, regulatory compliance, internet relationships, financial institutions, payment networks, banks, consumer wallets, and also have been changing with changing trends like crypto currencies.  

Working well with major e-commerce companies out there who brings more businesses online, surprisingly only 14% of the worlds’ economy is online- says Kate Jensen, Lead platform sales at Stripe.   

Simply put, Stripe builds economic infrastructure of the internet and economy. A tech first approach of moving money across the globe as easy and as fast as possible is what making Stripe a first leader in the payment space. It’s integration with HubSpot is even more promising to the future e-commerce and online businesses.  

Partnership with Stripe guarantees the HubSpot Payment integration to be powerful and robust. By this, B2B customers can accept payments and financial services immediately with no coding. Because HubSpot reduces this day-to-day transaction friction with its customer-oriented, design-friendly payment interface.  

We have really scratched only a surface of internet economy, especially when it comes to B2B payments.

HubSpot implementation and its integrations

HubSpot is an interface friendly software, wherein you can seamlessly integrate it into any of your information systems. You can power your business and automate it by using the Hubs of your choice and requirements of business.  

Target Integration can provide you with consultation regarding your HubSpot integration. Having a decade of experience in emerging and evolving technologies like cloud, e-commerce, and SaaS, we have gained enough hands-on experience in business tech. It has its offices globally in the UK, Ireland, the US and India. 

If you are planning to upgrade your business with HubSpot payment integration, contact us.

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