How Odoo Legal case Management is helpful for Legal firms?

If anyone asks you ‘what a legal firm is’, probably your technical reply would be this, “It is a business entity that has been formed by one or more ‘Lawyers’.” Right?

Now, the most essential service that is provided by these legal firms is ‘advising their clients’ regarding legal information & issues. For that matter, the clients could either be an individual or it could be a full-fledged business firm.

In case of well-functioning legal firms, they have to go through a number of operations and require to dig deep to get information regarding lawyers, clients, the case they are handling, case registration, bill generation, lawyers’ payments, sitting details, and a lot more.

This means, there is A LOT that needs to be handled. So, can there be a better way to manage it all?

Well, we guess so!

With Odoo/Open ERP software, you get so many solutions for so many functionalities and one of its extraordinary solutions, also comprise of a ‘Legal Case Management, which as the name says itself, is apt for legal firms.

So, what is that is Legal Case Management solution does?

Basically, the task of a Legal Case management module is helping to manage clients, lawyers, case registration, payments and it also deals with providing pivot reports of the proceedings.

With the help of this module, it gets easier to handle the cases in a much more streamlined manner. This Odoo module is designed in a manner that it helps in driving more optimized and successful outcomes, while also attending to and securing individual bits of material contained in that. Not just this, but it is a well-integrated module that comes with one of the leading open-source ERP solutions for managing the documentation, case dates, emailing, case hearing, and a lot more.

This intuitive & robust legal case management solution is designed for firms that deals in different legal cases. So with Legal Case Management module from Odoo, law firms can give themselves an advantage of a complete legal management solution, getting organized with the contacts, case dates, emailing, documents, calendars, and benefit with a lot more features.

Essential Features offered by Legal Case Management are:

  • Creates Lawyers & Clients

Clients & lawyers can be created from the menu under Masters. To create a client, mark him as a customer, whereas to create a lawyer, mark him as a lawyer.

  • Features Case Registration

Once the clients and lawyers have been created, a case can be registered easily in legal firm management module. Here, one requires defining certain information details, such as information regarding the lawyer, client, case details, case category, the name of the court where case proceedings are going to occur, and sitting date.

  • Arranges Sitting for Cases

There are a few cases where the final decision of the case doesn’t come, and on such occasions, multiple sittings of the case can be arranged.

  • Provision to add the case related attachments

Herein, one can see the option to add documents/attachments concerning the case, and can even mark internal notes if there are any.

  • Handles Case Payments & Generates Payslip for the lawyers

Once the case completes, the module provisions clients to make respective payments towards the hired lawyer. Here, to create the invoice, the end user can click on the ‘Create Invoice’ button. Under Invoice form, description & payment amount can be added, and then one can click on ‘validate’ for Invoice Validation. Post the validation, end-user can now make payments to the respective lawyer by clicking on ‘Register Payment’. Once the payment is made, the state changes from ‘open’ to ‘paid’.

  • Offers a pivot report

Pivot Report can be viewed based on Client, Lawyer, Case Category, etc.

Legal Case Management Module is an intuitive and powerful solution designed for the companies who are handling different legal cases. If you want to know more about Odoo then Contact Us Today!

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