How to Create Forms and Store Responses in Google Apps?

Google forms is an application from the Google Apps Briefcase. It is an exceptionally convenient form filling and surveying app.

Suppose, here in your office, advice you are put in charge of collecting a certain data about all the employees or you have to undertake a survey and collect data from your clients. Picking up a pen and paper to do the same way is certainly not the way to do it.

Google Forms is your answer!

With Google Forms, you can create a customized form, adding all the details you required to be filled out. You can mark all the fields that are compulsory as “Required Question”. You can also choose the kind of format to be inputted.

The form can take inputs of different formats like text, paragraphs, date and time, create multiple choice options to select from or a grid view to enter data and give the option of choosing from a list.

In case of survey forms being filled up, you can create option to rate or scale a particular option. For example, for getting your particular product or service you can use the option of Scale.

With these features you can easily create a form to get all sort of data that you might need.

Besides, you can add Collaborators of your form. This implies that you can have more than one people who can simultaneously work on the creation of the form and edit its fields that require input.

Google forms is a fully Secure mode of data collection as you can make sure that no one but your collaborator and you can view the filled up forms. But in case it’s required, you can also allow the entire data pool to be visible by all the people filling up the form. That’s how Flexible Google Forms is!!

You can also add certain images, videos and themes to leave behind the stigma of boring survey forms making them lively.

To assist the people filling up the form, you can add form description to help them know what is the form about. You can also add Help Text with each question and help them in knowing what that question is about and what needs to be filled in its response.

You can then send the filled up form to all the intended people via e-mail, Google plus or you can simply Share it on Facebook or even Twitter. You can also simply embed its HTML link onto your website especially in case of a survey.

Having all the filled up forms on the cloud is the biggest advantage as it ensures safety of your data and HASSLE FREE dealing and analysis of that data is what you get.

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