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How to enhance Customer satisfaction with Field Service First-time Fix Rate?

With the Field Service industry evolving constantly, it has become crucial for the organizations to adapt to changes within this industry. There are a number of organizations which still rely on the old methods, which are basically paper-based, to provide field services which have proved to be insufficient in this present complex & fast-changing arena.

Organizations are under much pressure for maximizing the efficiency of field operations and utilizing the workforce in a lot more productive way. Despite the usage of leading industry software for the field service, service engineers/technicians are facing challenges, in the form of no real-time data on the spares availability, information on the previous service history and equipment details. Being unable to resolve the service requests or repair on first-time fixes is immensely impacting customer satisfaction and it is one crucial factor in the measurement of the field service performance.

Ultimately poor field performances and being able to fix issues the first time itself results in unsatisfied customers and the return visits of service technicians costs money to organizations but may also lead to increased customer attrition.

Typically, the organizations in the field service sector should consider increasing field workforce productivity and making tasks easier. But one thing that has a huge impact on the organization’s profit & revenue is: First-Time Fix Rates.

How can the Field Service organizations make the engineers or technicians efficient to offer the customers with first-time fix services?

It is possible to increase the efficiency in Field service organizations if organizations are able to resolve the challenges faced with engineers/technicians. These challenges can lead to field service workers lagging behind in procedures/processes, and hinder their tasks, like stopping fix issues on their first visits. In the absence of the right solution or tools, even the most experienced engineers or technicians face the issue of getting the job done perfectly. Thus, you can consider to modernizing your field service operations which will result in immense benefits for your business. The first step that you can take is to adopt a quality “Field Service Management Software.

By integrating the best-fit solution, it will be easier:

  • Automating time-consuming paper-based processes & reducing customer complaints by keeping them all informed with correct information.
  • Increasing field engineers/dispatchers’ productivity by providing them with easy access to the task details and instant updates.
  • Enabling transparent work order management, smooth collaboration, and enhanced visibility into the work progress.
  • Reducing customers’ trips, like taking the signature for billing, confirming the services, and enhancing turnaround time
  • Allowing the engineers/technicians to check the warranty details of the equipment, as that will help in serving the customer better.
  • Allowing them, via Planner or Schedulers, to find the details of the nearby technicians, as this will be reducing response time in the field.
  • Enabling the Field service personnel to work sans any networking connectivity, offering faster offline data syncing and usages to finish their service orders.
  • Enabling the technicians to view/edit address & functional location of equipment with accurate direction to reach the location of the customer via GPS.
  • Updating engineers regarding repair history of equipment and helping them in resolving issues quickly, and increasing the First-time Fix Rate.

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