How to have a 360-Degree View & Control of your Sales Process in Odoo?

 Target Integration had conducted a webinar on “How to Manage your Sales & Opportunities Pipeline in Odoo” on 3rd June 2020 where our Odoo experts discussed how to get a 360-degree view & control of your sales process in Odoo and optimize sales contacts and opportunities.
In the webinar, they also show how you can easily manage your entire sales pipeline and manage your sales team in order to close deals faster with Odoo App.

To learn more, check out the webinar recording here

Odoo sales have an important role in converting leads to sales it can also ensure quick delivery of quality products and services. Target Integration is an authorised gold partner of Odoo. We provide training, consultancy, support, implementation, and integration for all Odoo applications. We also provide cloud-based business management software, CRM, ERP, etc. To know more about Odoo please feel free to Contact Us.

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