How to Increase your selling power with a CRM solution

Using a Customer Relationship Management solution can really help take your business a step further. A CRM system helps your team by keeping real-time centralised data so that every member is on the same page.

Data loss

One of the most common problems faced by businesses is the loss of data. Incomplete or missing data can adversely affect your business. This is where CRM can swoop in and help you solve these issues. For instance, if you are unable to find an overview of a customer, you can make use of CRM to get all the information you need.

Multiple users in the database

It often happens that there is more than one person who works on a particular database. Besides, there are several databases with customer information and contacts. Things might get a little difficult here if different people are working on the same file. In this situation, CRM can help you, It can centralise all the data and categorise them with tags to help you later.

Tracking progress

One essential component of an SME is tracking the progress of projects. How do you do this? You make reports for the progress results during the course of the operations. This might lead to inaccurate results and the whole process itself is time-consuming. A CRM can once again use centralised data to give you a concrete report about the progress of operations.

Sales team

When your business is working with a full-fledged sales team that is always on the go, CRM is the way for you. The only way the sales team can note down valuable information is by writing it on a piece of paper and then taking hours to input it in the system software. This is extremely time-consuming and can lead to inaccurate results. Instead, the best thing you can do is use CRM to get all the client information synced to their Google accounts.

All customers are equal

It sounds logical to treat every customer equally in a business. That means you would render the same treatment to a new customer and a client who has been associated with you for years. However, you need to be smart here. What seems to be more important is giving customer-specific information and services to your clients. CRM’s can help you achieve that by categorising their needs and wishes and then you can serve your customer based on specific information.

Bring together the sales and marketing teams

It often happens that sales and marketing teams do not seem to gel well with each other. This can be solved with CRM. All you have to do is allow the marketing tools to be integrated with sales via CRM and then both the teams will be on the same page with regards to business. This would ensure that marketing campaigns are successfully being converted into sales.

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