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How to Manage different "Product Variant Descriptions" in Odoo

Target Integration has created a customized module called “Product Variant Description” in Odoo which allows the user to manage different descriptions for different product variants related to the same product.

It is integrated with Sales, Manufacturing and Purchase Management to allow the user to alter the Description for Quotations, Description for Vendors and Description for Pickings.

Initially, in Odoo, the “Product Description” is constant for all the product variants of the main product. If you want to give a different description to a product variant then it will also affect the other product and product variant descriptions related to the same product.


























To solve the above problem Target Integration has created a “Product Variant Description” module. This module will allow product variants to have a different “Description for Quotations”, “Description for Vendors” and “Description for Pickings” related to the same product.

It preserves the default functionality of Odoo that the description of the product variant is the same as the description of the parent product at the time of variant creation. When the product variant has an empty description or has the same description as a parent product in that case on updating the main product, the variant description is copied from the main product.

Editing the descriptions of a product variant does not alter the description of the main product and all the variants of the main product.































This module is available on the Odoo app store


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