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How to Read QR Codes on iPhone?

Quick Response (QR) Codes are becoming popular day by day and they are being used on electronic and no electronic media equally. For an example of a QR Code, see below this post.

In order to read a QR code you need to have an application on your Smart Phone. One such application for iPhone is RedLaser available from RedLaser allows you to scan QR Codes and save them as well.

Create QR Code using RedLaserNot only just scanning but it also allows you to create QR codes as well. The screenshot shows you the QR creation screen from RedLaser running on iPhone 3GS. You can create a QR code for a URL, for sale Your Information (Includes Name, Phone, email, website and address), Any other contact from your contact list or a text that you have received.

Just click on the right option and select the information to share.

You can also type EAN/UPC Code and search for that product.

Once you have installed RedLaser, scan the barcode below and see how it works!!

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