How to turn off conversation view in Microsoft 365?

While working on Microsoft 365, sometimes you feel the need to view your email as conversations and even at a single entity. Well, in this case, this blog will be a great help.

Below are the steps you need to take to turn Off or On the conversation view in Microsoft 365

  • Using a web browser, go to Microsoft 365
  • Login to the portal using your Microsoft 365 username and password:User: [email protected]
    Password: eID Password
  • On the landing page, click the “Mail” link or select “Mail” from the list that appears when you click the grid icon in the top-left corner.
  • To turn off the conversation view, click the drop-down arrow next to All in the main Inbox window.
  • Click on Messages under “View as.” You can choose how to “Sort by” here also:


  • To re-enable conversation mode, click the drop-down arrow next to All and click  Conversations:office-365-2

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