How your SME can benefit from Office 365

Do you need better office software for your day to day needs? Or maybe you are in the market for better, bigger, and user-friendly software for your colleagues? You probably have heard about Office 365 as the best software on the market for an SME, but what exactly is the difference between an SME using Office 365 and the ones who are not? Look no further, Office 365 is the solution for those day to day headaches! To prove this to you, here are 7 reasons to explain why Office 365 is good for your SME:

  1. Office 365 is on the cloud

Office 365 is available on the cloud and there are so many advantages to using the cloud. Everything is easier with Office 365, sharing and modifying files instantly. You can also access it easily, all you need is an internet connection and Office 365 is available all year around. The cloud will also help you to reduce your server cost and help your company financially as you will no longer require an in-house server, like the old days

  1. It will grow with you

Office 365 works on a system of “you pay for what you get”. When your company grows, you can simply pay for any additional services and data storage you need. Simple. You’ll never have the headache of buying a new hard drive for storage space ever again.

  1. You’ll never need to migrate again!

That’s easy to migrate to Office 365. Microsoft’s dynamic migration tools make this as easy as pie. Also, after migration, Office 365 will automatically update your software so you will never be left out in the cold.

  1. Break the chains

To use Office 365 your colleagues no longer need to be chained to their office computer, as Office 365 is now available for your laptops, tablets and your mobiles. You can move from one device to another without any problem, it will also update your files instantly, then you can use it on your second device. Pretty neat.

  1. Loss data prevention

That’s the most important thing in a company, you don’t want to lose your data! Office 365 provide a data protection and regular backups, so in that case, you will never lose your data. Microsoft has the best security for the cloud for you, you can’t find better anywhere else.

  1. All in one

One very cool thing with Office 365 is that it allows you choose the tools you want. (a lot of them are free!) In 2016 Microsoft has great business apps for you to choose from, you can choose as many as you want!

  1. Never wait

Finally, the last thing is that you never have to wait for the next version, that is to say, you always have the latest version of Office 365, even if they create a new one, this version will be updated to the newest one! No more need for the IT guy to come and do it for you, let Microsoft do the work.

So don’t hesitate. Why choose a difficult way to manage your SME while you can have Office 365? The answer is easy, get Office 365. If you’re not convinced about Office 365 just yet, check our FREE Ebook HERE!!

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