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I Don't Need a CRM but an Order Management System

I asked a good friend of mine from a common business group recently that why don’t you use a CRM in your business and she said, “Because we don’t need it. We need an order management system more so not something which tracks the communication with customers and phone calls etc. Isn’t that what CRM is about.”


After listening to this I realised how the term CRM is misunderstood. It does tell us that for a small business acronyms are useless. It doesn’t matter if it is a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) or an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning); it must solve the problem that they have in the business.


I have always told my sales team every time we talk, CRM sales is very easy, educate your customer to using and configuring their own CRM and once they know how to solve their problems themselves they will not look back. Very similar to the phrase, “Don’t donate to a jobless person but teach him how to earn. He will thank you throughout his life”.


Customer Management is a concept; a habit and system is just a tool to help that habit. It is important to have the right tools but it is equally important to have the right habit of looking after your customers too, be it by improving your operations or by improving your claims management/ticket management etc and if you don’t think you need a CRM but you do need a tool to improve/manage your Customer Management or Order Management or Subscriptions/Class Management; talk to us today as we may be able to help.

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