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Importance of Reserving a Domain Name

Importance of Domain RegistrationDomain name is just not an IT Jargon anymore, it is a like an essential intake for global existence and for effective and efficient marketing exercise. A correct domain name for your business is an asset. Every business should register their respective domain names as soon as possible to avoid someone else registering it.

It’s easier to be proactive in registering a domain name than getting into a dispute to re-claim your domain name or paying a high price for the same domain name at later stage.

Let’s analyse the situation of some popular Top Level Domains (TLD) and find out what happens if there is a dispute on a domain name. Dot com domain names can be used for any global business and can show that you are interested in targeting the global market and not only the regional market. Anyone can get a dot com domain name registered and there are no eligibility criteria for the same. Hence, anyone can go and register; if you haven’t registered it yet, and it will only take 5 min to do that. That person can always over charge you for the domain name and make money out of it. This has lead to a number of disputes in the past where well known brand names couldn’t get their dot com domain names because someone else already had it registered. The MTV domain name was originally taken by MTV video jockey Adam Curry. Although MTV originally showed little interest in the domain name or the Internet, when Adam Curry left MTV the company wanted to control the domain name. After a federal court action was brought, the dispute was settled out of court with some high renunerations.

Irish domain names (.ie) are different from dot com domain names. The body that controls .ie registration is “Ireland’s Domain Registry (IEDR)”. It requires the individual or a company to show a proof of being eligible for the particular domain name. But, sometimes getting a .ie domain name can be challenging as well. For instance, similar company names or business names which are similar to the domain name you are looking for. A dot ie domain name is important as it shows your local presence. Customers in the Irish market have more confidence in a .ie website than a website with different top level domain. A regional domain name can show more targeted results in search engine for the regional ranking.
If you are interested in expanding your business in other parts of the world make sure that you get hold of domain names in those countries as well. If you are thinking of increasing the business towards other parts of EU then the European Union domain name .eu is the way to go. Dot EU is similar to dot com and anyone can get a dot eu domain name registered. Dot eu domain names were launched for people who wanted their domain names to span multiple countries in European Union. With increase in business between European countries it is becoming important to register your .eu as soon as possible.

Registering a good domain name is a non separable and essential part of not only your on-line strategy but also your overall global and local presence. A domain name will benefit your business for the life and changing a domain name later on may become an expansive and tough job. It will also effect your search engine rankings.

Also, note some points before you choose a domain name for your business, don’t make your domain name too long, too hard to remember, non relevant and susceptible to spelling mistakes. Also, avoid mistakes like Experts Exchange, Therapist Finder and Speed of Art

Target Integration can help you in getting a website address to match your business requirements. We can also provide you a free email hosting and a free under construction or welcome page for every domain name purchased from us. Contact us today for further information.

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