How to Increase Revenue by 50 % with Vtiger?

Vtiger CRM (customer relationship management) work exactly what it says, managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers. When it comes to your company’s existing customers, Vtiger CRM can handle anything you throw at them. Vtiger CRM Generate and nurture leads which helps your sales team to easily close the sales. You can also monitor customer data which leads you to understand the customer business more closely. Vtiger comes with four different products Sales CRM, Help Desk, Marketing, and All-In-One and, they all have their own specialties. 

In this blog, we are going to help you make understand how Vtiger can increase your business revenue.

Know your customer

A Vtiger CRM Analytics tools give you a clear view of what works and what doesn’t across your campaigns and leads which you are working on, so you can see what outcome easily. it also lets you know customers far beyond surface interactions. You can record your findings within the entire system, and each contact becomes more than just a profile name as you add details about their business, struggles, source, goals and many more depends on products. Building this relationship lets you serve them in a better way.


Improves Sales ROI

Vtiger CRM Provides 360º lead histories and scoring for the sales team to access the complete history of each contact in one centralized place. It will boost your leads management and gives you the quality of leads which optimize your sales funnel. It also helps your sales team to access sales content and lead data in an easy and fast way. Vtiger also provides a platform where you can enhance your teamwork between sales and marketing to improve the customer experience and respond faster which saves your time and money, Vtiger automates tasks that will decrease the time to close the target and also generate reports to provide full visibility into performance.


Create Better Teamwork

Vtiger comes with All-In-One CRM which provides an atmosphere to work across marketing, sales, and customer support at one platform, which increases engagement and decrease the time & cost of the software. It can help the marketing department to maximize the data entered by the sales team. The marketing team has a clear insight into what encourages leads to buy and where in the sales process they tend to duck out, they can develop campaigns that are more effective at approaching customers. 


Improve customer experience

In today’s business scenario, customer satisfaction is an important part and plays a vital role in business success. Vtiger comes with a customer satisfaction survey, it works as whenever you complete a customer service case, then Vtiger automatically sends a satisfaction survey form to the reporting customer letting them tell you how they felt about your service. The survey has smileys indicating 3 emotions – Happy, Sad, and Neutral which helps to know on which service you have to more focus.


So, Implement Vtiger software today to increase your business revenue by 50%. Contact us today to discuss your queries with a Vtiger CRM expert. 

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