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Jewellers Need an ERP too!!

The face of jewelery market has long been changing. Multi-outlet retails are dominating the picture and have been successful in not only attracting the customers but also building a level of trust. Thus it becomes essential on the part of the jeweler chains to incorporate technology with your business.

This will not only improve their customers’ experience with them but also open up a lot of expansion and managerial opportunities for your business.

Let us see a clearer picture as to how an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)software, the most commonly used tool for business process automation, can be utilized well in this scenario.

  1. With the growing scale of jewellery outlets, tracking and following up with customers becomes an essential but tedious task. Now, an ERP software comes with integrated with a CRM or Customer Relationship Manager which allows you to all relevant details associated with a customer and allow you to device timely policy based on customer shopping patterns. Plus you can send them special offers on occasions like their birthday and anniversaries etc.
  2. When purchases of raw materials are initiated or made, it is essential that all the related details are stored in manner which makes the information easily available for the future and also to maintain the company record in a clean way. Being configured with standardized values an ERP is the best way to ensure the same.
  3. As the competition in this sector grows, creativity and design innovation is what provides an edge. Thus, to store all the available designs, track newly developed designs and also the time required to bring each design into reality before the customer, can be one through an ERP.
  4. In jewellery business, there are occasions when a customer buys new products in exchange of his old products or brings in raw gold to be used in the manufacturing of his desired design, in such cases, it becomes important that all the relevant information is noted down aptly to avoid any ugly situations with the customer in the long run. For this too. ERP comes as a handy solution.
  5. For jewelers with multiple outlets, a centralized software becomes an important aspect. In such cases an ERP ensures that information from all the different outlets is being recorded at one place and without having to be physically present at any of the outlets, the owner can have an absolute clear picture about his sales and related data.
  6. With this the workforce management also becomes a cakewalk. The Human Resource Management module enables you to track all your employee data, leave record and performance across all stores.
  7. Certificate of purity and quality have become mandatory and defining for a customer during purchase. With an ERP you can track all your products using merely the certificate code and have at hand all necessary details as may be required in the future.
  8. Tracking of in-store stock can’t be sidelined, especially in case of a jewellery business. Thus with an ERP software, you have live status, at each point of time, about all the products available in your store(s).

The beauty of an ERP software is that being an extremely flexible software, it can accomplish many more tasks for you, depending on your requirement. Target Integration, official Odoo partner, is always there to customize ERP to suit all your needs and also for the proper integration of the software with your business. Drop us an email at [email protected].


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