Launch of VT Mobile (vtiger CRM Mobile App)

Almost a week ago we launched our vtiger Mobile App. The App is a mobile client for users who would like to access their CRM data on mobile. The app can be downloaded from Google Play here.

The mobile app is an easy to use interface with following main features:

  • Allows you to store multiple accounts (if you have multiple CRM installations for various businesses?)
  • Allows you to search by a number of fields in Contacts, Organisations, Leads, Opportunities and Trouble Tickets
  • Allows you to update the entities as well as create new ones (easy to create a new lead while talking to a new prospect on train?)

There is lot more which we are trying to bring in but time is key and it will require a lot of effort too so what we are expecting from the users is that they are ready to install the app and give us their feedback.

And yes iPhone users.. don’t worry we are working on bringing the iPhone version for you as soon as possible.. hang in there for us..

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