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Link Building Strategies for Search Engine Optimisation

You must have received emails or phone calls from various web development companies who promise you to improve your search engine visibility by getting you a number of links from other websites. Although, “link building” is a very good way of improving your website’s search engine visibility; but you have to be careful of any such service without checking on how they plan to do it.

Here are some tips to help you build up links on other website in some simple ways and that too free:

1. Ask all your business partners (and businesses in your professional network) to have your website listed under a partner page on their website and in return you can do the same for them

2. Register yourself on some of the public forums and put your website address in your signature

3. Keep your blog and website on different domains e.g. and for search engines they are two different websites and links between them will be considered as link on another website

4. Request your chamber of commerce, business associations etc to put your details and web address on the public facing pages of their website. This will not only make you a reputable business but will also give you one incoming link to your website.

5. Create your social networking profiles and put your details on them making sure that your web address is one of the information that you provide

Don’t list yourself on spam, malware effected websites as a link on a website with a bad online reputation can harm your website’s reputation as well. And finally don’t forget to check your reputation…. want to know how… check out the next blog post.

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