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Live Chat: Does It Really Help Your Web Store?

It is well known in the marketing world that word of mouth is the best form of publicity. But at the same time, it is not something you can pay for. You have to earn it. How do you earn it? The answer is simple! Provide impeccable customer support and gain customer loyalty making them your biggest and most valuable promoters.

So how do you ensure the delivery of a service worth your customers’ appreciation?

Adding a ‘Live Chat’ feature to your website can be one way of approaching this target.


In a world today, when online shopping has become the way to purchase, it is still not easy for customers to go about it on their own. That is the reason various giant E-commerce brands have come up with 24 hour helpline supports.

Such telephonic supports might prove very helpful, but it is not feasible and pocket friendly for all. So the smartest alternative to it is the ‘Live Chat’ feature.

We believe that the ‘Live Chat’ feature will provide the following major advantages to your website compared to your competitors’:

Cost Efficient:

For You: The prime advantage it has is of being cost efficient. When you decide to integrate a live chat feature with your website, you have already made a decision of cost cutting by omitting the need of numerous telephone sets and extra employees to attend phones at all times.

Besides, you wouldn’t need many extra employees, as your existing support providing employees can take up to this task, so no need of hiring a whole new lot just for support.

For Your Customer: Adding Live Chat also saves your customers those bucks spent in calling the customer support, which any day would mean a happier customer.

Gives Personalized Touch:

You customers feel much connected to you when they are responded by humans at the other end and not some pre-recorded computer messages. The connection thus built also gives them a sense of reliability as they know they have a name and person to come back to in case they face any trouble.

Time saving:

For You: The benefit of chat is that you can chat with multiple customers at a same time, which obviously is not possible in case of telephonic support. This saves the time of your employees as they can also work between the gaps of such chats or when a customer is taking time to type a query.

For Your Customers: You are saving your customers time as well. Now they don’t have to wait for their calls to be connected, listening to the pre-recorded messages and probably imbibing a feeling of dislike for you.


Increases Sales for you:

Providing a Live Chat support, you ensure that all the customers that you might lose, just because of lack of information, would now be retained. Imagine this. A customer is shopping at your web store but finds himself in need of some information to seal his purchase. Two things are likely to happen:

  1. He might move on to another web store with similar products if your products are not that unique.
  2. In case, he wants only that product from your web store, he might look for information on your website, might or might not call your customer support.

But in each of these cases, having a Live Chat feature on your website would ensure that he would be driven closer to making the purchase rather than being pushed away. In addition, he might be convinced to make repeated purchase from your web store. Plus your customer support person can also make him/her suggestions about similar products matching his needs. And that means nothing but MORE Sales!

Get an Edge over your Competitors:

What is it that your competitors are doing and you aren’t? What makes you different in your market? What is your USP? Make this feature something unique to your web store. And don’t just speak about it, act well on it. This will definitely ensure greater traffic to your web store.

Learning from Customers:

The chats between your customers will act as records and give you material to work on and improve. These chat records can be used to analyse any short comings in your web store or need for any new integration to your site which would increase your customers’ experience.


So, having realized the benefits of ‘Live Chat’ feature for your website, you must be wondering how to go about it?

Worry not! We are here to help you. Target integration provides @live Chat’ integration for your website. Go ahead and be your customers’ favourite.

And don’t forget to click on the live chat option at the top left hand side to chat with us.

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