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Most Consumers Research Online Before They Buy

Research Online Before You Buy

A leading hosting and internet services provider recently found that nearly half of the consumers reasearch online before they buy anything. Yet only half of the retailers monitor their reputation on the internet or don’t have a website.

The hosting firm surveyed 1,500 people and over 400 retailers and found that nearly half of of the consumers read reviews of the products before actually buying them.

One in three consumers leave a review online, 44% men and 34% women go to review sites and compare the prices from various online stores.

Yet online retailers seem to be ignoring the increasing importance to customers of online reviews, blogs and other information. Some 48% of retailers admitted that they have no means to help influence or control their online reputation.

Around 50% admitted that they have never monitored the internet for the comments or reviews posted online and just 30% said that they actively search internet for customer reviews.

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