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Navigating ERP Success: 3 Key Considerations for Implementation

You plan to install an ERP system at your Business………… You survey the market and purchase the one that best suits your pocket and business…….. Is that the end of the story. Definitely, NOT! You have to make sure that your ERP system does not become a liability for you and produces the results for which you actually invested your resources in the ERP system. How do you ensure that? Well it all starts from the beginning. As a First Point do not use ERP systems out of the box. Customize

  • It is important that during the installation of ERP you get the application customized to suit you.
  • As budgets are low in SMEs, companies tend to go for default ERP and try to manipulate their business processes around it. This is not the correct way to go about an ERP. If you buy a suit would you buy it to your measure or would you change your size to fit the suit?
  • Proper customization of the software to suit your business needs is essential to get the desired results from an ERP System but do not over do it either. If you go for automating every process in the organisation you may end up with a big bill. Assess each process and decide if it is worth automating and managing that process in the ERP or not.

Secondly, Introspect!

  • Is your ERP user-friendly? It should be helping you organize your work better and not causing a chaos among the employees. Your employees should be willingly using it and not shying away from it.
  • Do your employees feel that they are clearer about their task in the ERP or do they look for help in doing every task?
  • Have you felt an overall improvement in efficiency at your business?
  • Is your ERP available on mobile phone? Mobile ERP is the future of ERP software and if your ERP cannot do that, it is surely going to fail in fulfilling its purpose.
  • Is your ERP system easily customizable and has all the features you actually need and use? Is it free of any unnecessary features that might actually confuse you? Don’t go for that Human Resource Management addon if you think you don’t need it.
  • Does your ERP System work without any dependence on the vendor? Are you free to change vendor whenever you feel a slack in the service of your existing vendor?
  • With an ideal ERP model, you should be able meet your perfect business requirements and functionality.
  • Have your business numbers moved to the upside?
  • Have you felt an overall improvement in efficiency at your business?

Thirdly, Take Feedbacks.

  • It is essential that you find out if your ERP system has been able to satisfy your customers as well as your employees.
  • This serves as a benchmark to clarify whether or not the ERP system has ensured the growth of your customers and employees, ultimately aiming towards the growth of you and your business.

And don’t forget ERP is just like planting a seed, your business grows with it. At Target Integration, we aim to provide you with ERP System that, by all means, aims to help you become productive. Do you want to know how? Talk to us today by emailing [email protected] or fill up the form here and we will get in touch with you.

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