Odoo 17 – Exploring Innovative Features and Key Changes from Odoo 16 


The business management landscape is ever-evolving, and Odoo 17 is at the forefront of this transformation. Building upon the solid foundation of Odoo 16, this latest version introduces a range of new features and significant enhancements, aiming to streamline business operations and enhance user experience. In this post, we dive into what Odoo 17 brings to the table and how it differs from its predecessor. 

New Features in Odoo 17 

With each iteration, Odoo aims to push the boundaries of what’s possible in business management software, and version 17 is no exception. This latest release is packed with an array of new features designed to enhance user experience, improve operational efficiency, and provide deeper insights into business processes, including: 

  • Enhanced User Interface: Odoo 17 debuts with a sleeker, more intuitive interface. The dashboard is more user-friendly, and navigation between modules is smoother. This revamp not only makes Odoo more aesthetically pleasing but also simplifies the user journey. 
  • Advanced Analytics Tools: Data is the lifeblood of modern business, and Odoo 17 enriches this aspect with advanced analytics tools. These new features provide deeper insights into business operations, facilitating data-driven decision-making. 
  • Improved CRM Capabilities: The CRM module in Odoo 17 has been enhanced to offer more automation, better integration with other modules, and AI-driven functionalities. These improvements aim to boost sales processes and customer engagement. 
  • Inventory and Logistics Updates: Significant updates in inventory management and logistics support more efficient supply chain operations. New features offer better control over warehouse management, shipping processes, and overall inventory tracking. 
  • E-commerce and Website Builder Enhancements: Odoo 17’s e-commerce platform and website builder have received substantial upgrades. New design templates, additional payment gateways, and advanced SEO tools make it a more robust solution for online businesses. 
  • Customization and Integration Flexibility: The platform now offers increased flexibility for customization and third-party integration. Improved APIs and a more modular architecture in Odoo 17 allow businesses to tailor the software to their specific needs more efficiently. 

What’s Changed Since Odoo 16 

Odoo 17 not only introduces new features but also brings significant improvements over Odoo 16. Let’s explore the key changes and enhancements that differentiate the latest version from its predecessor: 

  • Module Overhauls: Several modules in Odoo 17 have been overhauled to provide better functionality and user experience compared to Odoo 16. This includes improvements in modules like accounting, human resources, and project management. 
  • Performance Improvements: Odoo 17 boasts significant performance enhancements. Users will experience faster load times, improved scalability for growing businesses, and optimized resource usage. 
  • User Feedback Incorporation: Odoo 17 reflects the incorporation of user feedback from the previous version. This results in a more user-centric platform, tailored to meet the real-world needs of its users. 
  • Security Enhancements: With an ever-increasing focus on data security, Odoo 17 introduces several security enhancements. These changes fortify the platform against various security threats, ensuring the safety of business data. 


Odoo 17 is not just an update; it’s a significant leap forward in the realm of business management solutions. Its new features and improvements mark a substantial advancement over Odoo 16, cementing its position as a top choice for businesses seeking a comprehensive, efficient, and user-friendly management platform. 

At Target Integration, we’ve been successfully implementing Odoo for businesses across Ireland and the UK for over 15 years. We encourage you to explore the capabilities of Odoo 17 further. Get in touch to find out how the latest version can transform your business operations. 


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