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Odoo Mobile App for Vendors

Odoo is one of the leading ERP’s in the market and the most versatile one too. The future of ERP has been predicted by technology gurus and mobile has seen to play an important part in that. So, is having your ERP easily accessible on your mobile phone the only scope to this prediction? We at Target Integration certainly didn’t believe it. So here we are! Proudly presenting the Odoo Mobile App for all the Odoo providers and partners. Hence, if you are into Odoo Customization, here is a good news for you and your customers! Target Integration has now made the Mobile App available to not just its own customers, but we are providing a fully customizable design for all the Odoo providers to be made accessible to your customers. The default Mobile App design is ready with us, providing all the basic modules of Odoo. This pre-set design can be conveniently modified for any sort of requirements of the provider or the client. The advantages of having Odoo on a mobile app are:

  1. Better Utilization of Information and Employee Time:

With the ERP available right at their fingertips, the users of ERP will be able to benefit more from all the information pool. Besides it will also save time for the employees who travel during work time. The mobile app will enable them to access the information at all times.

  1. Improved Lead to Opportunity Conversion:

While dealing with the leads, better access to all the information at your fingertips, increases the chance of a successful dealing.

  1. Advantage in the Market:

With your customers’ employees working much efficiently with the mobile app, your client is certain to have an edge in the market.

  1. Accurate data input and output:

The added simplicity and ease that mobile app adds to the ERP, enables, improved data capture and utilization by the company, thus showing a direct impact on their sales. The Mobile App ready with us is just a basic default version of the app, with various options available for its customization. The customization on the application can be carried out depending on you and the way you want it to be or according to your customers liking. Not just that, with changing business requirements of your different clients, you can have the app modified to suit aptly to their needs. As different modules are added or removed from the installed Odoo at your client location, the app modifications follow accordingly. Isn’t this great? Not only can you enhance your customer experience, but also provide help them extract greater benefits from their ERP. This eventually improves your client loyalty and hence ensure repeat and new customers for you. *image source:

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