Odoo, Netsuite, SAP – Comparison Report for ERP Systems

A recent G2 crowd study shows data that makes Odoo ERP stand strong against industry leaders such as SAP and Netsuite. The study conducted was based on a number of factors that included ease of usage, data integration, quality of support and tracking, etc. Odoo turned out to be one of the most popular ERP software in the business world.

Odoo ERP business software is a complete package of open-source business management applications. Different business activities like Sales, Marketing, Finance, Inventory and Accounting, etc can be simply aligned into one single platform through Odoo ERP services. Every module of Odoo ERP can be integrated to present business activities and operations. Its highly dynamic nature makes it convenient for small as well as big business enterprises. Seamless integration of various activities through Odoo ERP services improves efficiency as It avoids duplicate works and reduces redundancy. 

Being a cloud-based program it allows users to access information in real-time. Easy integration of data enables rational decision-making and higher productivity. Odoo ERP software solution is an innovative, convenient, and feature-rich business solution that makes business operations easier than ever.

The study is a comparison between the Odoo, Oracle Netsuite, and SAP. It included various factors based on the utility and practicality of the three software. Comparison elements also included aspects such as inventory reporting, integration APIs, Field service dispatch, and order tracking. Odoo ERP software services outperformed other contenders in nearly every way. The comparison table with some main factors on the left is shown below:


Ease of use 84% 77% 68%
Inventory Forecasting 93% 82% 77%
Quality of support 78% 69% 76%
Field Service Booking 92% 83% 78%
Customization 90% 82% 80%
Centralized Inventory Database 92% 85% 80%
Inventory Tracking 88% 73% 89%
Breadth of Partner Application 85% 79% 80%
Integration APIs 85% 78% 81%
Data Import 90% 86% 88%
Data import and export tools 80% 79% 79%
WIP  86% 86% 82%
Features Odoo
Average ratings
Payroll 94% 84%
Inventory Tracking 93% 84%
Inventory Forcasting 93% 84%
File Exports 93% 85%

Odoo is an all-in-one ERP solution for your business, it includes everything you need to carry and manage business operations. Be it CRM, Sales, Marketing, Project Management, or Inventory management, Odoo ERP is a complete packaged solution. It offers multiple activity modules on a single dashboard, which makes it even more convenient. 

Target Integration provides a complete solution for all Odoo implementation, customization, integration, and training needs with offices based in Ireland, Uk, and India. Contact us for the best Odoo ERP services today!

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