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Odoo vs MRPeasy: Comparison in 2021

Introduction: Odoo vs MRPeasy

Are you looking for a digital transformation or digital business expansion in 2021? Odoo has around 16,000+ apps that cover a wide range of business requirements to expand the business. Odoo works on the simple mantra of making business software without complexity & complications. Their mission is to provide business software that is intuitive, feature-rich, fully integrated, effortless to upgrade, & all this while running smoothly for every business & user at the same time. If you are someone who is looking specifically for cloud-based software for MRP systems & that too for small manufacturers ( approx 10 – 200 employees) then MRPeasy Software (Highest Version) is a software to explore. So, let’s explore a detailed comparison of Odoo vs MRPeasy Software features.


Heard about Odoo ERP?

Yes, the same Odoo that has over 5 million user base & 2,550 partners globally. Well, Odoo believes that Odoo Apps are focused on “Making companies a better place, one app at a time” & therefore they have a complete Odoo Suite that is open source & has individual business apps to cover every need that any company may have. To give you a glimpse: Odoo CRM, Odoo eCommerce, Odoo Accounting, Odoo Inventory, Odoo POS or Point of Sale, Odoo Project Management & Odoo Manufacturing are some of the fabulous business apps developed by Odoo. Currently, there are 30 main apps that are upgraded regularly.

It fits requirements for small startups (1 user) & large corporations (300,000+ users) at the same time. Furthermore, it has a USP of being easy, user-friendly & fully synchronized with other apps in the Odoo family. It has a lot of options for third-party integrations as well. With Odoo’s ‘On-premise’ offer, it is among the most installed business software in the world. Let’s now introduce you to another cloud-based software – MRPeasy.


Introduction to MRPeasy Software

MRPeasy Software (Highest Version)  is a simple yet very powerful manufacturing ERP/MRP software. The nice thing about it is that it is a self-service software that offers seamless management of stock, production, purchases, customers, finances, and companies team. MRPeasy manufacturing software helps small manufacturers stay organized.

Comparison between Odoo vs MRPeasy (Highest Plan)

Features MRPeasy Software Odoo ERP
Platform Unlimited Plan

(Highest Plan)

Cloud-based Yes Yes
Access via a web browser Yes Yes
No installation Yes Yes
User-friendly interface Yes Yes
Intuitive to use Yes Yes
Free software maintenance Yes Yes
Free updates Yes Yes
Works on every OS (PC, Mac, Linux, etc.) Yes Yes
iOS and Android apps Yes Yes
Self-service Yes Yes
User-based pricing Yes Yes
Support via Support Tickets Yes Yes
Production, material planning, and reporting functionality
Bills of materials (BOM) Yes Yes
Routings Yes Yes
Production calendar Yes Yes
Workstation calendars Yes Yes
Employee calendars Yes Yes
Dynamic rescheduling Yes Yes
Gantt charts Yes Yes
Workstation capacity planning Yes Yes
Operations planning and reporting Yes Yes
Material planning and reporting Yes Yes
Shop floor reporting via Internet-kiosk Yes Yes
Workforce planning Yes Yes
Workers skillset mapping Yes Yes
Manufacturing cost tracking Yes Yes
Import Bills of Materials Yes Yes
Import Routings Yes Yes
Overlap and Special Sequence of Production Operations Yes Yes
Parallelization of a production operation between several similar machines Yes Yes
Expiry date management Yes Yes
Subcontracted operations Yes Yes
BOM with parameters (Matrix BOM) for products with variations Yes Yes
Co-product BOM for reporting scrap Yes Yes
Re-work of products Yes Yes
Multiple production sites Yes Yes
Workstation maintenance management Yes Yes
Revision/version control Yes Yes
Repair planning and reporting of returned products (RMA) Yes Yes
Packing Yes Yes
Work Order approval Yes Yes
Inventory control
Storage locations and bins Yes Yes
Multiple locations of one article Yes Yes
Lot tracking Yes Yes
Lot Label printing Yes Yes
Stock planning – bookings for production and shipments, future incoming stock Yes Yes
Low inventory alerts Yes Yes
Live inventory adjustments, incl. upload from CSV Yes Yes
Write-offs Yes Yes
Shipment planning and reporting Yes Yes
Attachments, plus display images or drawings Yes Yes
Import articles Yes Yes
Products with variations Yes Yes
Serial number tracking Yes Yes
Expiry dates management Yes Yes
Quality control Yes Yes
Custom fields Yes Yes
Free issue materials to subcontractors Yes Yes
Barcoding and scanning Yes Yes
Phone camera support for scanning (Android, iOS) Yes Yes
Returned goods (RMA) Yes Yes
Multiple warehouses Yes Yes
Transfers between warehouses Yes Yes
Sales and order management
Order recording Yes Yes
Sales funnel – order fulfillment from quotation to delivery Yes Yes
Estimating costs and delivery time Yes Yes
Converting quotes to jobs Yes Yes
Customer contact management Yes Yes
Kitting/bundle Yes Yes
Customer and sales reports Yes Yes
Invoicing Yes Yes
Shipping Yes Yes
Import customers Yes Yes
Import sales order Yes Yes
Different price lists, tiered pricing Yes Yes
Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Yes Yes
Sales management Yes Yes
Purchase Orders, order tracking Yes Yes
Purchase suggestions, low inventory alerts Yes Yes
Purchase Order auto-fill Yes Yes
Automatic Purchase Order creation Yes Yes
Vendor information and price lists management Yes Yes
Partial deliveries Yes Yes
Material forecasting Yes Yes
Import vendors Yes Yes
Import purchase terms Yes Yes
Import Purchase Order Yes Yes
Time-phased purchase requirements Yes Yes
Subcontracting services, free issue materials Yes Yes
Purchase timing for a material forecast Yes Yes
Purchase Order approval Yes Yes
Financials and accounting
Invoicing Yes Yes
Purchase Orders Yes Yes
Actual costing Yes Yes
FIFO costing Yes Yes
Cost tracking by stock lot Yes
Manufacturing overhead cost Yes Yes
Labor cost Yes Yes
Stock value Yes Yes
Stock movements reports Yes Yes
Cashflow forecast Yes Yes
Sales reports Yes Yes
Cost-profit reports Yes Yes
Multi-currency Yes Yes
Customer credit limits Yes Yes
Balance sheet Yes Yes
General Ledger Yes Yes
Profit and loss statement Yes Yes
Chart of Accounts Yes Yes
Automatic and manual journals Yes Yes
QuickBooks Online Yes On-Premise
Xero Yes On-Premise
Magento Yes On-Premise
Shopify Yes On-Premise
WooCommerce Yes On-Premise
BigCommerce Yes On-Premise
Pipedrive CRM Yes On-Premise
ShipStation Yes On-Premise
CSV import-export Yes Yes
API (for a paid account) Yes On-Premise
Always up to date software Yes Yes
Secure servers and hot reserve Yes Yes
DDoS protection Yes Yes
Regular security auditing of service Yes Yes
SSL encryption Yes Yes
Secure login Yes Yes
User-specific access permissions Yes Yes
User action history Yes Yes
Limit access IP Yes Yes
Database backups Yes Yes
Database and backup accessible by parent account only Yes Yes
Allow/restrict Technical Support access Yes Yes
Two-Factor Authentication Yes Yes

Why is MRPeasy Software an easy option for small manufacturers?

Don’t want to work on more spreadsheets! MRPeasy ensures seamless communication between different departments such as sales, warehouse, production, finance, administration, procurement, etc. So, as you see the comparison table above,  let’s churn out a few conclusions on MRPeasy software.

  • Get accurate production planning & reporting
  • The promise of an accurate lead time while quoting
  • Get improvement in equipment utilization
  • Get overall efficiency by adopting a real-time reporting
  • An overview of real-time inventory
  • Always prevent stock-outs, automate inventory transactions, lower inventory levels, track lots, view purchase requirements, and more
  • Precise & on-time deliveries
  • Improvement in customer satisfaction rate
  • Easy estimation of costs and lead times
  • Shortening of lead times and shipment promptly
  • A complete 360-degree view of your business

Why is Odoo a convenient option for businesses?

Odoo ERP comes with a smooth, convenient & friendly user experience. A thought on user adoption was cleverly crafted in all Odoo Apps while it was being developed.

Furthermore, fluidity & complete integration options availability has made it easier to fulfill the requirements for even the most complex companies. The flexibility that Odoo provides has the capability to add or remove specific business apps according to the growth of your company. As a result, you can add one app at a time as your business process needs to evolve. You can do all sorts of customization, implementation, and integration depending on the growth of your customer base.  If you are seeking expert guidance and would like to connect with Odoo partners. Contact Target Integration here.

Odoo has over 15000+ active members contributing to its open-source community. Eventually, Odoo is therefore actively maintained with the major contributors along with a large base of technical developers who are all working towards a single goal of meeting & evolving customer needs. Moreover, providing new, unique, feature-rich, synced & innovative applications for every business case.

Target Integration is an Odoo gold partner and is delivering all software services for complete Odoo Apps. Want to explore Odoo business apps? Talk to our experienced Odoo consultants and book your personalized free demo today!

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