Now call and receive calls from clients all over the world by using IP addresses.

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3CX is essentially a software-based phone system that works with a variety of hardware and offers web browser-based extensions and mobile apps. 3CX is based on the SIP standard and is a cost-effective and flexible solution for enabling businesses to connect with their customers seamlessly. 3CX can be hosted on a remote server as well as on-premise or through a hybrid model. It is well suited for small and medium-sized businesses.

Key features

Features and benefits

Why 3CX?

3CX can be hosted in different ways depending on your business needs and is a secure and reliable solution that is essential for any business today. Target Integration offers full management of 3CX hosting, implementation, installation and training.

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3CX implementation and support by experts in minimal time.


Comprehensive consultation and training.


Reliable and secure hosting and services.

Why choose TI

With 13 years of industry experience, we implement software solutions and add value to your business. Wondering why you should choose us? Here are 3 major reasons why you should choose us.

Integrations with CRMs we offer

As primary CRM and ERP providers, we have the expertise to the functioning of well-integrated systems. 3CX can be integrated with all the CRMs we offer. Leverage your business efficiency and see an increase in ROIs with us.

Value-added Services

We go beyond consultation and implementation and offer a well-rounded approach to our services, including handholding support throughout the process, training, and more. Rely on us for best in class services and industry insights.

Consolidated support

We offer consolidated support to our clients in each aspect of implementation. Our trusted services are what sets us apart from major software providers. We have been successful in inculcating organic and genuine relationships with our customers through our support.

What our customers say

We received excellent service, extensive support and had the added peace of mind of having a team of expert software developers working on our project. Subsequently, we went on to implementing a further three different supplement sites with Target Integration. With no hesitation, I would highly recommend Target Integration.

When we first set out on this task, I did not think there was a system out there that was able to survey, do accounts, perform customer management and track and trace stock. To have all these modules on Odoo through Target Integration was simply amazing for me as Finance…

We have been using the services of Target Integration for the last 2+ years for all of our CRM work. During these years the Target Integration team have worked very professionally and have given a highly personalised service to Uday Tours & Travels. We have an account manager who looks…

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