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Odoo Implementation

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What is Odoo/Open ERP?

Odoo is an all-in-one open-source business management software and is a perfect fit for both small (SMEs) and large enterprises.

It is a business suite containing a number of applications, each tailored for a specific department like sales, project management, inventory and warehouse management, manufacturing, human resource management and even more.

We’re one of the leading Odoo Partners with over 14 years of expertise to implement your Odoo solution, train your team and support you 24/7 to get the most out of your Odoo investment.

Make an educated decision by choosing Odoo as your preferred business solution and here’s why:

Top 10 Mistakes to avoid while implementing an ERP System

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Features and Benefits

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Odoo applications developed by us

Image Watermarking App for Odoo

The Odoo Image Watermaker module will assist you in preventing merchandise theft and protecting your material from piracy. A good Watermarker may also help you promote your work on a large scale. It primarily protects your goods against online duplication and piracy.

Ecommerce Reorder App for Odoo

Now no need to fill your cart by adding products one by one, just two steps and all the previously ordered products will automatically be added to your shopping cart.

Rolling Memberships for Odoo

This module will overcome the problem of buying a membership in between the duration dates where the customer will get less time of membership as start and end date are fixed.

Product Variant Description for Odoo

This module helps you to overcome the problem with the default functionality of odoo that the product description for each product variant related to the same product will be same.

Ireland Accounting App for Odoo

This module is for all the Irish businesses who would like to setup their accounting and county codes in Odoo quickly.
– A Chart of Accounts customised to Ireland
– VAT Rates and Structure
– IE Counties List

Service Order Management in Odoo

This module helps the service provider companies to get recorded the services they provide to the customers and generate an invoice on the basis of expenses occurred while trying to support the service call.

Google Drive purchase Invoice creator

This unprecedented module makes it really easy to generate vendor bills from a scanned copy of purchase invoice.

Mandatory Fields for CRM in Odoo

This module will overcome the default functionality in CRM module that is moving between the stages of opportunity without any required field.

Superfast Order Entry Module

Standard way of adding products to a quotation or sales order is slow. This module helps you to upload a bulk of products or variants to your sales order in just a few steps.

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What our Odoo customers say about us

We were working with another partner before working with Target Integration. Target Integration helped us go live with our ERP system within 3 months of taking up the project, while the other partner had us waiting for one full year.

When we first set out on this task, I did not think there was a system out there that was able to survey, do accounts, perform customer management and track and trace stock. To have all these modules on Odoo through Target Integration was simply amazing for me as Finance…

We owe our achievements to the exceptional skills and expertise of the team at Target Integration. Their comprehensive support enabled us to build a more substantial business, expand our team, grow into a larger company, and attract more customers. Previously, the sheer volume of administrative tasks made scaling up seems…

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