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Profile/User/Role Based Discount Feature in vTiger

Discounting is the most important feature in any Sales Process. Be it low value quick sale or high value account based sales. Sales Team will always have customers asking for Discounts, After all everyone likes to bargain 😉

However things get tougher when you have hierarchy based discounting process in your company. Imagine a sales process, where there is Sales Representative, Sales Manager, Area Sales Manager, & Regional Sales Manager.

Where each one of them has certain power of providing discount depending upon the customer and case, for example

  • Sales Representative – 5%
  • Sales Manger – 7%
  • Area Sales Manager – 10%
  • Regional Sales Manager – 15%

vTiger by default doesn’t have any such control where user is restricted on discount % –

Nevertheless, Target Integration has developed a Custom feature, where such restriction can be created per profile/user/role in vTiger.

Where each profile/user/role will have certain access to provide discount to group of products so that user can’t give additional discount on products also doesn’t go above than his given limit.

This feature can be done in Sales Order, Quotation, Invoice and the best part in Purchase Order too.

Below are some of the screen shots –


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