Promoting Your Website

Now that you have got your website, pills the question is how to get people to know about your website. I touched this topic briefly in my article Your Website in 5 Easy Steps. But it did not dive into great details of specific topics.

New websites can start getting organic Search Engines ranking in a couple of months but any further progress can take well over a year and that too when you start promoting right away!!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is the necessary first step that you must take if your website is not optimised for search engines. No promotion can get you good results without an optimised website. Don’t stuff keywords unnecessarily into web pages and only use relevant keywords.
Ideally, the optimization of your website happens during the design and development stages but if it did not be sure to get this completed as soon as possible.

Press Release

A good and quality traffic can be driven to your website by the way of press releases. Don’t forget to include the URL (address) to your website. Today, most of the newspapers and magazines have their own websites and they put their print news on their website as well. This will get your first valuable link to your website.

Search Engine Submission

Submit your site and the sitemap of your website to search engines. This will help them to know your website well and go through all the content of the website. For Google, create a webmaster account and submit a link to your sitemap in XML format. Google will also suggest you of any errors in your web pages it may face. There are a number of tools available to create sitemaps see Google’s article here.

Directory Submission

Submit your site to some relevant local and internet directories. Only submit your site to a relevant category in a directory as it may be useless and in some cases harmful for the Google ranking of your website if it is found in the wrong category in any directory.

Link Building

Create positive links to your website by putting the links on the websites of your partners or resellers or even customers Link Building is one of the strategic tools that won’t ever be a bad investment. Today they play a significant role in search rankings, especially in Google. Every positive link to your website will help Google look positive in your direction.

Social Media

Use social media if it is possible. Social Media like Youtube, Orkut or LinkedIn attract a large number of users to their website and after all, it’s all about promoting your website. Create an official profile on LinkedIn and get connected to the professionals in your area, at the same time promoting your website by linking it to your profile.

Use Youtube to showcase a product or share pictures and news about your website.

Article Writing

Writing articles about the subject of your website and your products and services or area of expertise is a great way of promoting your website. By writing and distributing relevant articles you can create a nice cushion of relevant incoming links. By writing articles that closely match the topic of your website and including a backlink to relevant content within your site. These articles can be submitted to a website or a newsletter of your own to your existing and new customers.

Pay Per Clicks

Spend some money in advertising your website with services similar to Google Adwords. They charge you on a per-click basis which means you only pay for a visitor coming to your website and not for displaying your advertisement.


In general, reference your website everywhere possible, get links from every relevant source you can think of, issue a press release and get your website listed in directories. Start promoting your site immediately as it may take a long time before coming on the first page of Google.


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