Reasons why every Credit Union should use Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 gives you one of the most efficient and productive service to facilitate smooth functioning of the company proceedings. This is especially true for Credit Unions. With a number of features, here is why every credit union should use Microsoft 365


Security is the most important consideration. Built on Microsoft’s Secure data center, your data will always be secured and encrypted. That being said, information is only available to the authorized user of that data, so nobody has access unless you give them access. Microsoft uses state of the art anti-hacking measures by its Security Team and is fully up to date with the latest regulations and rules e.g. HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley, EU Model Clauses, US-EU Safe Harbour Framework etc


Microsoft 365 has a 99.9 percent financially backed uptime guarantee! That means no downtime, your data and documents are always at hand, and easy to access. For reliability, Microsoft are top of the market. There is no company out there that come close to Microsoft when it comes to reliability. On top of that, Microsoft 365 features that are available are what makes it all the more reliable is terms of the veracity of the data as well as the handling of the pertinent information.

Efficient Disaster Recovery

One of the reasons the credit unions should use Microsoft 365 is simply because of the disaster recovery features. Moreover, Microsoft 365 also provides syncing options which allows the user to store the data in their unique space on One Drive. Credit unions can also have additional storage space which they can use for storing all the big files and various application forms etc. This means that if for some reason your information is lost, it can be easily recovered from the cloud based One Drive.

Easy to use email through outlook

Using Microsoft 365 for sending emails is simple and seamless For any credit union looking to move to a cloud-based solution, Outlook is the best option for both the usage and budget. Not only is the interface simple, its also elegant and very easy to use which makes it an ideal solution for any Credit Union.

Access to latest version

If you use Microsoft 365, no matter where your computer is, your Microsoft 365 will be kept up to date automatically. It does not require any technicians as it is well equipped to upgrade, update and install without ever compromising on the security. This is something that is covered by the service guarantee as provided by Microsoft. Always stay ahead of the pack!

Unified Communication

Having a decent line of communication through your office is very important. Microsoft 365 will be of real help, as it is now fully integrated with Skype. It also allows Credit Unions to integrate with the Cloud PBX solutions which are essential in managing the overall workflow of the organization.


Mobility is the key to any organization and making your business mobile to stay ahead of the game is very important. Microsoft 365 has gained its prominence due the variety of apps for mobile devices including iOS, windows, etc. With Microsoft 365, you get better data management on mobiles given to the employees with air tight security.


Microsoft 365 creates connectivity between every employee across the board at a very reasonable price. If you are trying to access any data, simply search your One Drive. Accessibility to information is also easy and efficient as you can access data from any of your mobile devices from anywhere.

So, if you are involved in a Credit Union, and would like to know more about Microsoft  365 for your company, get in touch with us and we would be happy to answer any of your questions.

If you are still having doubts about Microsoft Microsoft 365, download our free ebook HERE!

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