Recording Phone Calls and Meetings in OpenERP CRM

OpenERP has a very extensive CRM module which allows you to look after your customers/leads and contacts by recording information related to them stored in the OpenERP database.

The module also has functionality of recording Phone Calls and Meetings with your contacts. Follow the steps below to record a phone call or a meeting for a particular contact.

Go to Sales > Customers and click on a contact you would like to record a call against. When you click on a contact the Form view of OpenERP opens up with the information on this particular contact/organisation. E.g. below we are looking at the information of Target Integration.

Screen showing OpenERP CRM to Record Phone Calls and Meetings

Now you have two options you can either click on the left side links (these are available from any screen when you are in Sales menu item) or you can click on right hand side top buttons to record calls or schedule meetings with the contact.

You can also see a list of all the calls made/meetings scheduled or held with a particular contact by clicking the respective button on the Form view of that contact/organisation.



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